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The Particle Argon Air Quality Monitoring Kit lets you explore the world of IoT & sensor with ease, making it great for both beginners & veterans.

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While we all love to make Electronics projects just for the fun of building something new, it’s hard to argue against the fact that function really does make a good project so much better. This is why we simply love awesome project packs and kits like the Particle Argon Air Quality Monitor Kit, which is designed to help you learn and understand the exciting world of IoT Development, while also building a cool, functional project that offers genuine benefits around the home or office. This not only lets you develop your electronics skills, but also lets you learn some cool new IoT skills as well, while simultaneously helping you maintain a healthier, happier environment to work, prototype or experiment in.

In terms of the contents of this cool project pack, the Particle Argon Air Quality Kit comes with a whole range of handy and exciting goodies, including three different air quality related sensors, an OLED Display module, a WiFi Antenna, a LiPo Battery, as well as some specialised Grove Series cables with a handy Grove Adapter Board for connecting it all together. These are designed to be as easy as possible for newbies and veterans alike, as the Grove Series style means that you can simply plug everything in with ease, without any soldering or wire twisting necessary. The included adapter board is specially built to accommodate all of the different Modules included with the kit, while the handy battery means that your project can even be portable too!

When looking at the actual parts included with this kit, the most exciting parts are certainly the Particle Argon Board, as well as the Barometer, the Dust Sensor and the general Air Quality Sensor. These are the main parts of the kit responsible for monitoring and reporting the air quality variables, while the remaining parts simply help to power and connect everything together. And of course, because all of the included modules are designed to the Grove Series standard, they simply need to be plugged into the right ports and provided with power via the USB cable or LiPo Battery. This awesome level of functionality, coupled with one of the easiest assemblies that we’ve experienced so far, makes the Particle Air Quality Sensor Kit one of the best IoT Kits to learn from as you create your very own project that adds functionality, convenience and a little bit of extra fun to your life at home or at the office.

Please Note: The information in the table below is focused more toward this actual kit, and if you would like a proper rundown of all the key features and functionality of the Argon board, check out our original Particle Argon Description, which focuses primarily on the board and all of the cool bells & whistles that it offers.


Parts Included with the Particle Argon Air Quality Monitor Kit:

  • Particle Microcontroller Module    

Particle Argon

  • Radio Communications Antenna

– 2.4GHz Antenna with u.FL Connector

  • USB Cable

– USB-A to Micro-USB

  • Adapter/Extender Board

– Particle FeatherWing Grove Adapter

  • Sensors/Detectors

– 1 x Dust Sensor

– 1 x Grove Air Quality Sensor

– 1 x Grove BME280 Temp/Humidity/Pressure Sensor

  • Sensor/Module Cables

– 6 x Grove Connector Cables

  • Output Components

– 1 x 0.96-inch OLED Display Module

  • Lithium Polymer Battery

– 1 x LP103450 Particle 3.7V 1800mAh Li-Po Battery


Additional Resources:

  • When first getting this kit, or any other Particle Product for that matter, the first (and best) place to start your research and learning is the Particle Resource & Documentation Hub, where you can find information, tutorials, guides and loads of other helpful goods to get you started in mastering IoT.

  • After getting the basics of IoT down, the next great place to check out is the Dedicated Particle Argon Air Quality Monitor Kit Page, where you can find specifics about all of the modules included with this kit, as well as some cool projects to test out and experiment with.

  • Finally, if you want to learn specifically about the Particle Argon Microcontroller, what hardware is featured on it, as well as how to get your Particle Argon registered and operating on the Particle Device Cloud, this Dedicated Particle Argon Quickstart Page will help you through all of the simple but important steps to do so.

  • And finally, if you prefer to learn by doing while watching videos, then this awesome Particle 101 YouTube Playlist is an excellent place to find all kinds of video-based tutorials, guides and insights.


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Particle Argon Air Quality Monitor Kit

Particle Argon Air Quality Monitor Kit

Particle is a comprehensive Internet of Things platform that is scalable, easy to use and secure, which was started as a Kickstarter campaign in as early as 2013. It was founded with the intent to make IoT easy and accessible for everyone, and by many people’s standards they have successfully achieved that, with over 70,000 engineers in over 170 countries utilising the Particle platform – including several Fortune 500 companies.

One of the recent utilisations of the potential of Particle tools is how it was implemented to connect a vital water-valve to the internet, allowing it to monitor the weather, identify the incoming Hurricane Irma, and prepare to move the water to where it needed to go – before the rain had even begun to fall in the area. This is just one of the many amazing examples of how Particle IoT can benefit more than just businesses or developers, as well as how Particle’s vision of IoT being integrated into almost everything – both online and offline – is quickly becoming a reality.