New 5V 3A Car Charger Module - Dual USB Output - Cover Expand

5V 3A Car Charger Module - Dual USB Output



Equip your car, truck or even go-kart with a convenient 5V dual output car charger, with this handy dual USB 12V to 5V Step-Down Converter!

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USB is a connection style that almost everyone in the world knows by now, and has been growing in popularity since the original inception of the USB Standard. However, over time, the USB standard has developed in many different ways, and has become somewhat of a typical connection for 5V power delivery for many different types of consumers electronics, from smart devices to development boards.

With this in mind, it’s no surprise that many manufacturers are taking advantage of the incredible convenience of USB, and there have been a lot of development in USB applications, with a particular focus on using USB for Charging Devices. And this is precisely why we love the idea behind this awesome little DC-DC 12V to 5V Step-Down Buck Module with Dual USB Output, as it offers one of the most convenient ways to charge your phone, while relying on the standard of 5V so as to protect your important devices from unexpected and unnecessary damage.

This Dual USB step-down converter is designed to take 12V input and produce two 5V outputs, with a total of up to 3A output divided between the devices or boards connected to the USB ports. This makes it an awesome module for integrating your very own dual-output car charger for smart devices, so you can utilise the 12V power from your battery to keep your devices charged (or powered if you’re running an Arduino or Raspberry Pi from inside your car), with a handy waterproof enclosure to prevent any electrical mishaps in case water gets within the dashboard or wherever you want to install it.  This allows you to take your projects on the road, power your drinks coolers, fans and other gadgets, or simply enjoy an extra two 5V outputs for whatever 5V applications you think could be beneficial.


5V 3A Car Charger Module with Dual USB Output  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Input Voltage

– 12V DC                                                                 

  • Output Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Max Total Output Current

– 3A Split Between Both Ports

  • Conversion Efficiency

– 92% (Max)

  • Number of USB Ports

– 2

  • Operating Temperatures

– -40° to +85°C

  • USB Cable Length

– ±30cm

  • Bare Wire Length

– ±15cm

  • Weight

– ±50g

  • Dimensions (Regulator Box)

– 47 x 26 x 13mm


Typical Applications for the 5V 3A Car Charger Module with Dual USB Output:

With so many different devices, boards and other gadgets that run on the common 5V, this module is an awesome addition for any vehicle, allowing users to charge, power or otherwise provide a clean 5V supply to whatever they want. However, this means that it’s quite difficult to simply define a single use for this module, and the reality is that you, as an Electronics Maker and all-around intelligent human, can utilise this for whatever this module for whatever you see fit. And whether you want to take that 5V and utilise it as it is for Raspberry Pi Boards or similar 5V Modules, or would like to step it up to 6.5V for whatever application you think could be beneficial, you have the power and means to do just that.


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5V 3A Car Charger Module - Dual USB Output

5V 3A Car Charger Module - Dual USB Output