Wanhao Red PLA Filament - 1.75mm Expand

Wanhao PLA Filament - 1.75mm

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Wanhao Wanhao


Our 1.75mm Wanhao PLA Filament is a good balance between quality and affordability, offering the best of both worlds for South African 3D Makers.

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Within the 3D Printing industry, there are a few brands that have proven their capabilities with fantastic 3D Printers and filament. One such brand is Wanhao, who came out the widely popular Duplicator Series of printers, and now we are excited to bring you their range of 3D Printing Filament as well.

These spools of 1.75mm Wanhao PLA Filament come in a range of different colours, and are stocked as a sort of middle-ground between our extra-high quality premium filament and our budget filament. It offers the best of both worlds with great printing quality backed by more cost-efficient manufacturing processes. These two features culminate into an excellent mid-line filament that everyone can enjoy and afford, without having to pay premium prices or concern themselves with sub-par printing performance.

Polylactic Acid, often referred to as PLA in the industry, is a type of plastic with quite a range of benefits for clean and safe use, and is a non-toxic plastic derived from sugarcane and corn starch. It is capable of being heated and melted at high temperatures without releasing any hazardous fumes or toxins into the air, and is completely biodegradable thanks to the renewable resources used to make it. Compared to the common plastic, ABS, Polylactic Acid has a lower shrinkage and higher heat tolerance once printed. It is also less prone to temperature-related problems during th4e printing process, and can even be printed consistently well without an enclosure.

Some of the common Adhesion Aids used with PLA include Blue Painters Tape or masking tape, a light layering of hairspray, Kapton Tape, PEI and BuildTak. It also benefits from a heated bed set to around 50° to 70°C, while the standard hotend temperature while printing is around 190° to 220°C. And in order to enjoy optimal results every time, highly detailed parts may require a parts cooling fan attached to the side of the hotend assembly.

Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– Wanhao Original

  • Material

– PLA (Polylactic Acid)

  • Filament Diameter

– 1.75mm

  • Diameter Tolerance

– ±0.05mm

  • Filament Net Weight

– 1kg

  • Recommended Print Temperature

– 190-220°C

  • Total Weight

– 1.5kg

Plastic Type PLA
Plastic Diameter 1.75mm
Plastic Weight 1kg

Awesome Filament

As the Wanhao printers are good so is their filament. prints very good and is surprisingly very strong. i recommend this filament for any printer as i have used it on my Tarantula and my Wanhao i3 duplicator plus and works brilliantly. also thanks again for the great service from D.I.Y Electronics and great support on great products. Keep up the good work :)


Decent Filament

Bought the Nuclear Green filament. This filament is not just for Wanhao printers, works perfectly on my Chinese i3. Prints stuck well to my glass bed at 40 degrees with hair spray. The colour pales slightly when printed. It also comes with a resealable bag for storage

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Wanhao PLA Filament - 1.75mm

Wanhao PLA Filament - 1.75mm

A Brief History of WanHao 3D printer

With great efforts from everybody of WANHAO 3D Printer team, WANHAO start oversea 3D printer supplying since Aug 8th 2012. After accumulating 6 months experience in China local retail market, WANHAO has gathered good experience in manufacturing 3D printing Robot and after sales service. Based on these precious experience and hard working of our team, we believe WANHAO can provide more professional service and better up to date affordable 3D printer to awesome people all over the world.


WANHAO has involve in 3D printer filed since early 2011. Several Roommates used all their pocket money and bought one Thing-O-Matic from Makerbot. This precious awesome machine brought these college students great enthusiasm in 3D project making and help these buddy build their dream. On 1st Oct WANHAO Replicate the Thing-O-Matic and named it DUPLICATOR ONE. This 1st Generation Made In China 3D printer has combined most of the advantage of RepRap and Makerbot, and upgrade the extruder to Non Block one.


In June 2012 WANHAO has invent it's 3D printer with LCD displayer which is now called REPLIATOR TWO. This is geat step that free your computer that you don't have to print while keep your computer running. Just a simple SD card will do all the rest job.


In Aug 2012 WANHAO decided to join the world market to help more people to get access to the most awesome printing robot. WANHAO is delicate to supply most affordable and stable 3d  printing machine for people who like MADE IN CHINA.




General  Manager Frank Hua