New CCTREE Sparkle PLA Filament – 1.75mm Grey Expand

CCTREE Sparkle PLA Filament - 1.75mm Grey

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These 1kg rolls of 1.75mm CCTREE Sparkle PLA Filament are made to add pizzazz to your prints - Sparkles under direct light to show its true colours.

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3D printing is a fun hobby that is shared by thousands of people throughout world, which allows Makers like you to build your own parts, models, figurines, toys or even fashion accessories and tools. However, sometimes plain 3D Filament is just not enough for projects that you really want to make stand out from the crowd, which is why we have made sure to stock these 1kg Spools of CCTREE 1.75mm Sparkle PLA Filament Silver - made to outshine other filaments with small flecks of “Stardust”.

Designed to the same polymer specifications as Standard PLA Filaments, this sparkle filament is relatively easy to print with and doesn’t require any kinds of special equipment like some of the more abrasive Exotic Filaments do. And while it offers very unique aesthetic characteristics compared to many other similar CCTREE Polymers, it still carries a similarly low price tag despite being somewhat specialised with a slightly higher manufacturing cost. This means you don’t have to break the bank to get your prints to dazzle in the light, which is certainly something to appreciate if you are eager to add some pizzazz to your favourite printables.

Please Note: While this filament will not damage your nozzle, it's recommended to use a nozzle size 0.4mm or larger, so as to accommodate the particle additives within this filament and prevent unnecessary clogs.


CCTREE Sparkle PLA Filament  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– CCTREE                                                                                        

  • Material

– PLA (Polylactic Acid)

  • Colour

– Grey

  • Special Characteristics

– Sparkling Flecks

  • Filament Diameter

– 1.75mm

  • Diameter Tolerance

– ±0.05mm

  • Recommended Print Temperature (°C)

– 190 to 220

  • Recommended Bed Temperature (°C)

– No Heat / 50 to 70

  • Spool Size (OD x W)

– 200 x 68mm

  • Spool Hub Diameter

– 55mm

  • Filament Net Weight

– 1kg

  • Packaged Weight

– 1.5kg


Colour Grey
Special Sparkle
Plastic Type PLA
Plastic Diameter 1.75mm
Plastic Weight 1kg

Printing TIP

firts off This filament even though they say its easy to print with even with a 0.4mm Nozzle this filament clogs like there is no tomorrow... currently the only way i have been able to remotely print anything decent is at 0.28mm layer height and at a snail pace of 16mm/s. at 35mm/s the sparkles in the filament clogs outside the nozzle and then just wipe the layer lines off the bed...

This looks awesome but at the cost of print speed a one hour print turns into a 7+ hour print.

It certainly is not as easy as the Marble PLA to print with which I even print at 70mm/s no issues.

This is my Honest unpaid opinion and review of this sparkle filament.

I love CCTREE they are my go to filament brand but stating this is easy to print with is way of target even with the 0.4 mm nozzle disclosure

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CCTREE Sparkle PLA Filament - 1.75mm Grey

CCTREE Sparkle PLA Filament - 1.75mm Grey

CCTREE is somewhat of a newcomer compared to brands like eSUN and Wanhao, but have certainly made big waves with their cost-effective PLA, ABS and Exotic 3D Printer Filaments.

They are a subsidiary of Shenzhen Prime Technology Company, and have chosen to partner with us as their South African suppliers, affording us the opportunity to supply South Africa with quality 3D filament at an even lower price than they offer on their official website.

Aside from the cost-efficiency of their 3D Printer Filaments, what we like most about CCTREE is that they share a similar business approach to our own here at DIYElectronics, with the belief that “When you buy from us, the sale is not complete when we ship your order, it is complete when you are totally satisfied.”