TEVO Tarantula - Prusa i3 Expand

TEVO Tarantula - Prusa i3

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TEVO Tarantula is based on the Prusa i3, a proven design with tens of thousands of users all around the world. All parts of this 3D printer are Open Source, meaning that finding spares and upgrade options is relatively easy, with a massive online community to help you in every step of the way!

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The TEVO Tarantula uses an all metal V-slot annodised frame design with laser cut acrylic plates for the assemblies and V-groove wheels for smooth, resulting in quiet operation and overall better performance. 

The build volume is 200 X 200 X 200mm with the complete kit, designed to be assembled with fewer parts and greater ease-of-assembly.


TEVO Tarantula DIY 3D Printer  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Printing Technology


  • Build Volume

– 200 x 200 x 200mm

  • Chassis Size (Desk Space Required)

– 430 x 440 x 400mm

  • Filament Diameter Compatibility

– 1.75mm

  • Extruder Style

– Bowden Style (All-Metal)

  • Stock Nozzle

0.4mm E3D Nozzle

  • Stock Hotend Assembly

E3D V6 Bowden Hotend

  • Maximum Hotend Temperature

– 260°C

  • Print Platform Style

– Custom MK3 Heated Bed

  • Print Platform Max Temperature

– 110°C

  • Printing Speed (Stable)

– 40mm/s

  • Printing Speed (Max)

– 70mm/s

  • Layer Height (Resolution)

– 50 microns

  • Motherboard / Primary Controller

MKS Base 1.4

  • User Interface

– LCD Display with Rotary Encoder

  • Slicing Software Compatibility

– Cura / Simplify3D / Slic3r / Repetier Host                      

  • File Format Compatibility


  • File Transfer Method

– MicroSD Card / USB

  • Bed Levelling System

– Manually Adjustable

  • Chassis Materials

– Anodised Aluminium V-Slot

  • Weight (Printer)

– 7.5kg

  • Weight (Package)

– 9kg

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V DC or 24V DC (Optional)

  • Power Supply Input

– 220V AC, 50Hz

  • Power Supply Output

– 12V, 5A, 60W | S-60-12










Great DIY Printer

First of all, 5 stars for DIY Electronics. I ordered my printer and it was at my door in less than 24 hours, I did not expect that and was pleasantly surprised. Keep up the good work and you have a great selection of parts and i will definitely be using DIY electronics as my number 1 go to for all my 3D printer things .

Then the printer itself. After a lot of research and looking at reviews of other entry level printers i went with the Tevo. The assembly wasn't that bad, here and there little things will slow you down, but the nice thing about this printer is the huge community out there. You have videos, forums and online support that guides you through anything you might come across. So after I was happy i turned it on and printed a calibration cube. To my surprise it came out almost perfectly. I still need to print some upgrades, add a fan to the extruder and tidy up the cables etc. But overall i am really happy with this purchase and the printer.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes to build things and tinker with them. The results for an entry level DIY printer could rival some of the more expensive ones out there and in time it will only get better.

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Best Buy

I did a lot of research about 3d printers and decided to purchase the Tevo Tarantula from Diyelectronics. First of all, I received top customer service from them and staff very helpful. The printer is awesome value for money and you wont go wrong with it. As for Diyelectronics, thank you for all your assistance and top notch service. I can definitely advice anyone to purchase from Diyelectronics. Keep up the awesome work and service.


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Value for money by far

Bought this printer a week ago. Packaging is very well done and all the bags are labelled that matches the assembly instructions. The build was easy with a few steps missing from the manual. Having build lots of Reprap printers and Kits it was not a problem for me, I suggest looking at a few youtube tutorials to help you.
A few things I was not happy with was the wiring of the power supply, not safe, no on of switch, wires are open. This can be rectified easily by a cover from thingevers as a first print. There is no parts cooling fan in this kit which is essential for printing PLA and PETG. Again there is salutions on thingiverse or as I did, bought a 120mm 12v case fan blowing into the bed next to the printer. On printing the extruder was missing steps which I fixed by upping the driver voltage, it still miss steps now and then but gets better. I also replaced the MKS cooling fan with a 80mm case fan to cool the extruder driver, also added a small heatsink.
All these issues can easily be fixed.
What I do like about this printer is the build plate is awsome, great wiring setup , best build tak I have come across so far from all the manufacturers in a kit.
The printer is not very fast but has excellent print quality for such a cheap printer, all thanks to the wheel system and aluminium frame.
With a few minor upgrades this can be a awesome printer.

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TEVO 3D Electronic Technology Co. is a 3D printing manufacturer focused on making 3D printers accessible and affordable for Makers worldwide. They offer competitive quality printers at very affordable prices, with a plethora of upgrades and accessories aimed to greatly enhance the 3D printing experience.

TEVO’s range includes the TEVO Tarantula, Black Widow, Tornado, Little Monster and Michelangelo, catering to a wide range of budgets and build volume needs in both Cartesian and Delta styles. This has garnered them a good reputation amongst manufacturers and Makers alike, making them one of the most popular manufacturers of desktop and home-use 3D printers.

If you’re looking for a 3D printer that is affordable, easy to build and even easier to use, there are few choices better than TEVO’s range. With dual extruder upgrades, laser engraving kits, and even their own version of BuildTak, they continue to prove their value time and time again as they keep bringing out new printers, upgrades and accessories for Makers to enjoy experimenting and fabricating with.