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The BIQU B1 is one of the most feature-packed entry-level 3D Printers we've ever stocked, with a core focus on Making 3D Printing Easier & More Fun.

220x220x270mm Build Volume | SKR V1.4 32bit Motherboard | 270°C Hotend Temp | BIQU SSS Spring Steel Plate

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As many of you may know, our R&D team here at DIYElectronics spends a lot of time each year going all kinds of 3D Printers, from new models to old, in a constant attempt to try and bring you, our awesome customers, the best machines for the very best prices. And while very few models actually make it past our demo room and onto our shelves, this is primarily because we refuse to offer you anything less than the best in terms of value, as well as value for money. And with this in mind, we are extremely excited to introduce our first featured 3D Printer from BIQU, a brand dedicated to “Making 3D Printing Easier & More Fun”, and this beautiful new machine is known simply as the BIQU B1.

The BIQU (Pronounced “Bee Queue”) B1 3D Printer is the first model that we’ve stocked from this brand, and that’s for good reason, as we have tested previous models from the past, but those previous models didn’t quite live up to affordable quality standard we strive to provide to you. However, with this new model, BIQU have finally managed to nail that sweet spot, offering an excellent quality build, a whole suite of really cool and unique features, and a tasty price that’s difficult to ignore even if you already own a CR-10 MAX. It features a strong and sturdy structure made from 20x40 aluminium extrusion, which is complemented by a powerful 32bit SKR V1.4 Motherboard, a dual-mode capable BTT TFT35 Touch Display, tried and tested E3D V6 style hotend components, and a sleek aesthetic style that really ties it all together well.

All of these fundamentals, in addition to some really fancy features aimed at improving the convenience, ease-of-use and simplicity of the BIQU B1 - as well as the added bonus of rigorous quality assurance and calibration before it even leaves the factory - has produced a truly magnificent 3D Printer that is certainly going to compete for first place amongst the Best, Most Affordable 3D Printers on the market.


Which Features Give the BIQU B1 the Edge Over Other 3D Printers?

With features that are focused on both high standards of print quality as well as an easier and more enjoyable user experience, there’s actually a lot to talk about with this model. However, for now, let’s focus in on the awesome features of the BIQU B1 3D Printer that have impressed and excited us, and which have earned this beautiful machine a proud spot on our shelves (and in our hearts!):

  • Simplified USB Type-C Hotend Connector – With the core focus of the BIQU B1 3D Printer being the user experience, the innovative BIQU team have struck gold with this feature, as it takes all of the mess and hassle away from hotend connections, and truly simplifies it by making it not only easy, but also very quick and almost fault-free. Whereas most Hotend Assemblies utilise chunky connectors that can only be plugged in one way, often with loose wires dangling about unless sleeved or cable-tied, the USB Type-C Connector is neat, easy to plug and unplug, and is impossible to plug in the wrong way. This completely eliminates all hotend wiring mess and stress, and allows you to change you hotend out by simply unplugging the USB cable and Bowden Tube, and then unscrewing the hotend from the mounting frame. Additionally, this also offers the extra benefit of allowing you to have multiple hotends that can be swapped out on a whim, with one dedicated to ABS, another dedicated to PETG, and one even dedicated to laser engraving, foam cutting, or whatever other component you want to use – and all of these can swapped out within just a minute or two, thanks to the simple USB Type-C Hotend Connector.
  • BIQU SSS “Super Spring Steel” Plate – The next feature that we simply love is the high quality magnetic spring steel plate that replaces the common Soft Magnetic Sheet that many other 3D Printers come with. And while the softer versions are still really great, you may have found that, over time, the softer materials tend to permanently warp and stretch as you heat it up, cool it down and remove tough prints. With the Super Spring Steel bed, however, you can bend, twist, flex and (try to) stretch it all you like, as its been designed with a special type of steel that is nearly impossible to deform. Of course, if you actually manage to fold it flat in half, it is likely to receive some damage, although from the videos that BIQU have been producing, it’s clear to see that these Super Spring Steel beds are ready to handle all of the twists and bends required to remove prints with ease – without forming bend lines, gradients or other deformations over time, and without causing any problems with your 3D Printing success.
  • Powerful SKR V1.4 32bit Motherboard – Finally, if you know how bit processing works, you’ll know that each time the bit architecture is doubled – for example from 8bit to 16bit, or 16bit to 32bit – the actual capabilities are squared, and are an exponential upgrade from the previous architecture. This is why we’re really excited about the fact that the BIQU B1 3D Printer comes equipped with one of these powerhouses by default. The BigTreeTech SKR V1.4 is a beautiful controller board that has been designed and refined specifically for high-quality low-cost 3D Printing, and has been equipped with Trinamic TMC2225 stepper drivers, which are not only near-silent during operations, but also ready to deliver the power that 3D Printers need. And with such an impressive “brain” to drive a such a powerful machine, this motherboard is a match made in heaven for the BIQU B1.

With such a strong, sturdy build, a host of great quality components and enough features to entice even the most experienced of 3D Makers, the BIQU B1 is more than deserving of a top spot in our list of favourites. And while the build volume may not quite compare to the extra-large CR-10S Pro and CR-10 MAX, we feel that it offers the ideal size for a large majority of parts, decorations, accessories and other prints that 3D Makers like the print. So if you’ve been eager to get into the 3D Printing game, or have simply been looking for another beautiful machine to sit next to your favourite and produce great prints at a great price, the BIQU B1 is an ideal choice for both beginners and veterans alike.

As a final extra note, after taking the time to experiment with and review the original unit we were sent, we decided that it needed just a few things to make it a truly worthwhile purchase for our customers. As such, we have ordered in some custom-designed models that now feature an authentic and reliable Mean Well Power Supply, a more Elegant Black colour scheme to replace the Noble Purple, and a better pre-assembled packaging and shipping technique to ensure a quick, simple and easy setup. These changes, while not being extremely necessary for the quality that the BIQU B1 produces, are changes that we feel are important for you, our valued customers, adding convenience and value to the overall experience of the machine – while also dialling back on the “loud” colours and keeping the style more sleek and discrete.


The BIQU B1 3D Printer  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Printing Technology

– FDM                                                                                     

  • Build Volume

– 220 x 220 x 270mm

– Actual Bed Size = 235 x 235mm

  • Chassis Size (Desk Space Required)

412 x 492 x 402mm

  • Filament Diameter Compatibility

– 1.75mm

  • Extruder Style

– Bowden Style

  • Stock Nozzle

– 0.4mm E3D / UM2 Nozzle

  • Stock Hotend Assembly

 BIQU B1 Hotend Assembly

  • Maximum Hotend Temperature

– 270°C

  • Print Platform Style

– BIQU SSS Spring Steel Plate (Magnetically Mounted)

  • Print Platform Max Temperature

– 100°C

  • Printing Speed (Stable)

– Up to 40mm/s

  • Printing Speed (Max)

– Up to 80mm/s

  • Layer Height (Resolution)

– 100 to 400 microns

  • Motherboard / Primary Controller

 SKR V1.4 32bit Motherboard (B1 Specific)

  • User Interface

 BTT B1 TFT 3.5 V3.0 Dual-Mode Display

  • Slicing Software Compatibility

– Cura / Simplify3D / Slic3r / Repetier Host

  • File Transfer Methods

– Micro SD Card + USB Drive

  • Bed Levelling System

– Manual Levelling (BLTouch Capable)

  • Print Resume Functionality

– Included

  • Filament Runout Sensor

– Included

  • Chassis Materials

– Black Anodised Aluminium

  • Included 3D Printing Filament

– 50g Winding of PLA Filament

  • Distinct Features

– Powerful SKR V1.4 32bit Motherboard

BTT TMC2225 V1.0 Stepper Drivers

– BIQU SSS “Super Spring Steel” Plate

– Simplified USB Type-C Hotend Connector

  • Operating Voltage

– 24V DC

  • Power Supply Input

– 100V to 120V AC | 200 to 240V AC

  • Power Supply Output

– 24V, 270W


Parts Included with the BIQU B1 3D Printer:

  • 2 x Spare Nozzles                           
  • Set of Basic Assembly Tools
  • BLTouch Mounting Plate
  • Collection of Nuts, Bolts, Screws & Washers
  • Filament Holder Assembly
  • BIQU B1 User Manual
  • TF/SD Card & Reader Unit
  • Power Cable


Our Final Verdict on the BIQU B1 3D Printer:

With so many new and exciting features, coupled with a price that’s low enough for almost any one to afford, we have to admit that the BIQU B1 3D Printer has rightfully earned a spot in right near the top of the list in terms of sheer value for money. And while we were a little uncertain at first, seeing that BIQU is relatively new to the market and were originally just making good quality clones of good models, the BIQU B1 has proven that BIQU are more than capable of pushing the industry forward – with a fiercely competitive model that other brands are going to struggle to beat.

Of course, with this being a “Budget 3D Printer” (in terms of price, and not actual value), we’re very satisfied with all of the bells, whistles and extra features that are packed into the sleek and stylish design. And from the solid build structure and high quality parts, all the way through to the dual-mode touch display and other convenient additions like the USB Type-C Hotend Cable, this little powerhouse of a 3D Printer is more than ready to deliver excellent quality prints – while doing an extremely good job of living up to the BIQU brand ethos of “Making 3D Printing Easier & More Fun”.

So, as a final verdict, we feel that the BIQU B1 has a place in the workshop (and heart) of any 3D Maker who is new to the hobby, as well as for any 3D Maker who is looking for a second machine to play with, experiment on or add to the printing farm in the workshop. With a plethora of features and an enticingly low price, as well as one of the most user-friendly experiences that we’ve ever had in 3D Printing, the BIQU B1 3D Printer is an excellent choice for both beginners and veterans with all levels of expertise.


Additional Resources:

  • If you’re looking for an unbiased review from a Maker who likes to share his honest opinions, be sure to check out this BIQU B1 “Ender 3 V2 Killer” 3D Printer Review, which does an excellent rundown of all of the parts used in the BIQU B1, as well as some hands-on info about getting it all set up and installed.
  • Next up, if you prefer to enjoy reviews in video format, then the following BIQU B1 3D Printer Review by The 3D Print General takes a very realistic approach to all of the features, while offering good insights into both the pros and cons that you could expect.
  • Finally, if you’re eager to go really in depth with details, this BIQU B1 Unboxing and Assembly Blog Post does a thorough job at reviewing all of the different parts, how they work together, and how they compare to competitive models within the same price range. Bear in mind that many of the assembly steps won’t be necessary with our custom flat-packed version, but it is nice to see exactly what’s involved in the whole setup process.


If the awesome BIQU B1 3D Printer sounds like a good choice to you, but you would like a more visual demonstration of all the features, the following video by Teaching Tech does an excellent job at detailing some of the key differences between the BIQU B1 and the similar Creality Ender 3 V2, while also investigating and providing insights into precisely what makes the BIQU B1 such a great choice for beginners and veterans alike. Just bear in mind that the version he is reviewing does not have the Mean Well PSU, sleek black aesthetic or pre-assembled flatpack style that ours do, although those are relatively minor when reviewing the overall print quality:



Can't beat this little beast for the price

Well, what can I say? Super impressed with this printer, which is my first branded/manufactured printer (other one is custom designed and built from scratch).


- Assembly is straightforward and takes a couple of hours. Would probably be quicker if you're in a hurry, which I wasn't.
- Build quality is solid
- Clear and easy to use/understand colour screen
- All nuts and bolts come in little baggies with the bolt size and assembly step number stickered to each baggy, so no head scratching when assembling
- Decent set of tools included
- BL Touch bracket is included for future upgrade possibilities, though with decent tramming it really isn't needed
- Spring steel build plate is textured (course one side, finer on the other) and prints pop off without hassle
- Heated bed has decent insolation
- Amazing print quality for the price
- Super quiet steppers
- Exceptionally well packaged
- BigTree Tech electronics/internals
- ALL BLACK (no pink as with initial models - phew)!!
- 2 extra 0.4mm nozzles
- USB stick with micro SD/SD adapters
- Filament runout sensor
- Resume print on power failure


- No belt adjuster knob for X axis, even though there is one for the Y axis
- Spool holder needs to be installed in the instructed position and nowhere else, else your filament will snag and strip at the extruder motor
- Electronics fan is much noisier than expected and responsible for 90% of the noise this machine generates
- Print bed had some slop, so be sure to check and adjust that before starting assembly
- Print head takes a bit of time to get installed properly due to belt positioning
- You'll need to print a mini toolbox for the snips, wrench and allen keys included


- When manually tramming/levelling the bed, run through at least 6 rounds of levelling to get it as accurate as possible
- The Z leadscrew is not capped at the top, so keep an eye out for filament wrapping around it
- Don't be a noob like me and make sure the bowden tube is pushed all the way into the hotend before printing, else you'll sit with a blocked heat break/nozzle very quickly, especially if you've got retraction instructions in your G-Code

All in, this is an excellent machine for the price, and you're going to be very hard pressed to beat it.


Biqu B1 excellent printer

Delivered in 2 days. Was a difficult choice between Creality SE 6 but for R1500 cheaper, this Biqu B1 has all the features. It took 30min to setup and being a first time 3d printer user, the first print was perfect. The touch screen is packed with features and the skr 1.4 controller is ultra fast and steppers very silent. The machine is virtually pre assembled and only needs 12 screws. I did not even need to square any gantry x or z. The manual bed level was just done once... So I don't even need to add the BL Touch auto level.... This printer really works perfectly. It has 235x235x270 which is even bigger than the creality equivalents. Really impressed with this printer and thanks to DIY for a reasonable price as they were ex Vat the same price as importing through banggood.

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BIQU B1 3D Printer

BIQU B1 3D Printer

Although many people may not quite recognise the name, BIQU is a fantastic brand that originated as BigTreeTech, and began their journey in the 3D Printing world by creating motherboards and other electronics that were made to enhance the functionality, ease of use and overall capabilities of other 3D Printers. However, after gaining a firm popularity as some the leaders in 3D Upgrades, they have also now branched off and created BIQU, a brand dedicated to creating entire 3D Printers for hobbyists like us.

Compared to many of the brands on the market, what we particularly love about BIQU is the way that their models come fully equipped with all of the exciting BigTreeTech controller boards, stepper drivers and other awesome components that are typically installed into other 3D Printers as powerful upgrades. These include the popular SKR motherboards, the BTT TMC Drivers, BTT TFT displays and other minor (but still valuable) upgrades that are often installed on Creality 3D Printers, but since these “upgrades” come stock on BIQU 3D Printers, you can enjoy even more reliable operations and functionality due to the fact that their machines are built specifically with their own boards and components in mind. This has resulted in BIQU creating some of the leading 3D Printers on the market, which don’t need any upgrades or improvements to match the quality of leading brands, and with many of the BIQU models actually surpassing the quality and capabilities of most other Hobbyist 3D Printers on the market.

If you love the idea of upgrading 3D Printers with all kinds of fun and functional upgrades, but aren’t too interested in getting a basic model that you have to actually upgrade yourself, the BIQU range of 3D Printers is the answer, bringing excellent quality coupled with all of the current best features available to 3D Makers.