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This Breadboard Power Supply is designed to modularly fit the + and - bus strips on a breadboard – Offers simultaneous 3.3V and 5V on two separate rails.

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For typical breadboard Prototyping projects, it’s not often required to have a specially designed power supply unit, and simple battery connectors or other kinds of Power Supplies usually suffice. However, some projects do call for greater or more complex power needs, which is why the Breadboard Power Supply has been built to cater to almost any breadboard project’s power needs.

Whereas most power supplies simply provide a single consistent voltage, this power supply can output both 3.3V and 5V simultaneously on different rails. This enables Makers to have a wider range of parts and Electronics Components in their system without having to rely on two separate power sources. With the Breadboard Power Supply, you can simply connect it to an external power supply with a single cable and power your entire project, as well as external devices via output header pins or an on-board USB port.

These features are all packed onto a tiny board that fits the + and - bus strips on most standard breadboards, giving you the ability to power your projects with relative ease as you enjoy Prototyping, build, create and Make all of your exciting projects before committing to a more permanent setup.

Please Note: Not all breadboards are made equal, so please check the outermost pin distance listed in the table below to see if this will fit your particular breadboard.


Breadboard Red Power Supply  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage Supply Left Rail

– 5V DC                                                  

  • Voltage Supply Right Rail

– 3.3V OR 5V DC

  • Input Voltage (Barrel Jack)

– 6.5V to 12V DC

  • Input Voltage (USB)

– 5V DC

  • Maximum Current Output

– 750mA @ 6.5V Input

– 250mA @ 12V Input

  • LED Status Indicators

– Power

  • Outermost Pin Distance

– ±48.5mm / 1.90"


Typical Applications for the Red Breadboard Power Supply:

Prototyping is truly where this Breadboard Power Supply shines, as it perfectly fits most standard breadboards with bus + and – strips. Additionally, the variable power supplies of 3.3V and 5V are typically ideal for Arduino and Shield projects, or for PCB projects using IC chips and other small components. So consider acquiring one of these fantastic breadboard power supplies for your prototyping adventures, to help get rid of the plethora of unnecessary extra cables and adaptors and provide your projects with a reliable and multi-functional power supply unit.


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Breadboard Power Supply

Breadboard Power Supply