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10 Test Hook Lead Kit



This set of 10 yellow Test Hook Lead Grabbers attach directly to tiny pins and wires for testing and measuring circuits during prototyping and development.

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These fantastic little gadgets, known as Test Hook Lead Grabbers, come in a kit of 10 and are small clips designed to grab pins, wires or other small connectors for testing and measurement purposes during Prototyping or development phases. When pushing down on the back, two pins extend out the front in a tiny claw-like fashion, which can then grip onto a wire, pin or other connector and “tap in” to the circuit.

These grabber clips are ideal for very small components that are typically difficult to measure with a multimeter – without shorting the circuit – and each clip includes a wire on the back leading to a female header. This female header is perfect for the male pins of a multimeter, or can be plugged into an Arduino Shield like a data logger or similar measuring tool or device.

The clips sizes are small, ensuring that they can fit into tight spaces within compact projects, and have cables of approximately 25 cm, which is long enough to reach out of a small project enclosure to a tool or shield for testing.

Technical Specifications:

  • Number of Clips

– 10

  • Wire Connection

– Female Pin Socket

  • Clip Colour

– Yellow

  • Wire Length

– Approx. 25 cm

  • Clip Dimensions

– Approx. 5 x 1 cm


Typical Applications for the 10 Test Hook Lead Kit:

Our 10 Test Hook Lead Kit is designed to simply help out with measuring and testing circuits, and as such is most commonly used with Test and Measurement tools and devices. However, they can also be used as actual connectors if necessary, and can be lifesaving in a pinch when connections or solders fail at the last minute. Just be sure not to run excessive current through these wires, as they are designed for periods of short use and could cause problems within your circuit if used for longer than necessary.

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