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This Breadboard PSU Kit is a great addition to any Maker’s toolbox – Includes a Breadboard Power Supply Unit, an 830 Tie-Point Breadboard and 65 jumpers.

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If you really enjoy Prototyping and rapid design on breadboards, Arduino boards, Raspberry Pi mini-computers and other Development Platforms, then the Breadboard PSU Kit is a worthwhile investment for your Maker toolbox. This kit comes with a dual-rail Breadboard Power Supply unit, as well as a large 830 Tie-Point breadboard and a pack of 65 male to male Breadboard Jumpers – everything you need to start connecting components and designing new circuits.

The power supply unit is a board designed to plug directly into the top of a breadboard, with the power points perfectly matching the breadboard’s power distribution rails. It is capable of supplying two concurrent voltages simultaneously, and can supply both 5V and 3.3V – or both at the same time. This means that your projects aren’t limited by a single power supply, and you don’t need regulators or steppers to convert the power halfway through your circuit. Instead, you can run two simultaneous circuits on separate voltages, opening up many more unique possibilities for exciting dual-voltage projects.

The Large 830TP Breadboard and Breadboard Jumpers included are standard, and are guaranteed to fit the power supply unit perfectly. All that’s left is for you to design your circuit and plug it in. The breadboard also has an adhesive backing underneath a removable plastic sheet, allowing you to stick the unit directly onto a project as a more permanent addition if you don’t intend to move it from project to project.


Breadboard PSU Kit (Power Supply Unit)  -  Technical Specifications :

  • Voltage Supply

– 3.3V and 5V (or Both)                                                        

  • Input Voltage

– 6.5V to 12V DC

– 5V DC via USB-A

  • Independent Control Rail Output

– 3.3V, 5V to Breadboard

  • Maximum Current Output

– 700 mA

  • External Power Output Connectors

– 2 x 5V Output Header Pins

– 2 x 3.3V Output Header Pins

  • LED Status Indicators

– Power LED

  • Onboard Controls

– Power Switch

  • Outermost Pin Distance

– 47.5mm / 1.87"


Breadboard PSU Kit (Breadboard)  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Total Number of Tie Points

– 830

  • Tie Point Terminal Rows

– 126 (5 Points Each) for total 630                  

  • Horizontal Bus Lines

– 4 (50 Points Each) for total 200

  • Wire Compatibility

– 29-20 AWG

  • Maximum Output Current

– <700 mA

  • Dimensions

– 165mm x 55mm x 10mm


Breadboard PSU Kit (Breadboard Jumpers)  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Head Type (Both Ends)                       

– Male

  • Quantity in Each Pack

– 65

  • Jumper Lengths

– 48 x 120mm / 8 x 150mm / 4 x 190mm / 4 x 250mm

  • Colour Range

– Orange; Yellow; Blue; Red; Green; White; Black


Typical Applications for the Breadboard Power Supply Kit:

This Breadboard PSU Kit is ideal for anyone starting out in electronics, but can also bolster the toolbox of a veteran who is looking to take their projects to the next level. The variable power supplies of 5V and 3.3V are ideal for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and other development platform projects, and the semi-permanent nature means you can use it as a dedicated power supply, or you can choose move it from project to project as you need to.

As a final note, we also sell this Breadboard PSU Separately, without the extra breadboard and breadboard jumpers, just in case you are eager to purchase one but don’t need the extras.


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Breadboard PSU Kit

Breadboard PSU Kit