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Mini Waveform Generator V1.1



This Mini Waveform Generator V1.1 is a highly affordable complex component tester – Used primarily in prototyping and rapid development of SOIC circuits.

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When Prototyping with complex SOIC chips and rapid development platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi, there may come a time when you need to test your components with a waveform generator – as a means of Testing and Measuring your circuitry before plugging in the power. This is why we have made sure to stock this fantastic Mini Waveform Generator V1.1, which is capable of generating Sine, Triangle and Square waves at various voltages, and is even able to produce up to five simultaneous waves at the same frequency – all at a fraction of the cost of a typical, industry-grade waveform generator.


Mini Waveform Generator V1.1  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supply Voltages

– +12V, +5V, +3.3V, -5V

  • Supply Currents

– 200mA @ -5VDC   /   600mA @ +3.3VDC   /   800mA @ +5VDC   /   Equal to PSU Supply Current @ +12VDC

  • Waveforms

– Sine, Triangle, Square

  • Maximum Sine Wave Frequency

– 500kHz

  • Maximum Triangle Wave Frequency

– 200kHz

  • Maximum Square Wave Frequency

– Excess of 1MHz

  • Sine and Triangle Waveform Output

– Adjustable Gain  and DC Offset

  • Square Waveform Output

– 0-3.3V, 0-5V or centred 9V

  • Simultaneous Waveforms

– 5 Concurrent Waveforms @ same Frequency

  • Frequency Adjustment Range Settings

– 5

  • Load Handling Protection

– Parallel Transistors / Resettable Fuse

  • PCB Dimensions

– 50 x 110 mm


Typical Applications for the Mini Waveform Generator V1.1:

The Mini Waveform Generator V1.1 is primarily used for the test and measurement of SOIC chips and complex components. It is designed in the same format as Arduino Shields, but does operate individually without an Arduino Board. This form factor allows you to build your own waveform generator with this board as the basis, so that you can test your circuits and ensure everything is in working order before connecting an electrical current.

As a final note, many customers have found this board to work very well with our Breadboard PSU Kit, which is capable of supplying various power supplies which match this board’s consumption needs.


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Mini Waveform Generator V1.1

Mini Waveform Generator V1.1