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URM37 V5.0 Ultrasonic Range Sensor

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The URM37 V5.0 Ultrasonic Range Sensor from DFRobot is a very advanced little sensor module, offering PWM outputs and RS232/TTL optional inputs.

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When trying to range-find exact distances and measurements between various objects, parts or even Tiny Components, there are many different ways to do so, with the most obvious being to use a simple ruler to check the length according to predefined distances on the tool. However, if you really want to get the very best accuracy down to the millimetre or even micron, then you need to step up your tools to cater to the occasion.

This URM37 V5.0 Ultrasonic Range Sensor is one such tool that truly steps up on the basic range-finding technology, and utilises ultrasonic pulses in conjunction with clever output techniques like PWM, in order to ascertain precision distances within 2cm and 800cm, down to an impressive tolerance of only 1%. This makes finding precise ranges easy as Pi, especially since this clever sensor has the ability to communicate effectively with Pi’s (Raspberry Pi’s to be exact) as well as all of the common Arduino Boards. This is partially due to the nice wide voltage range of between 3.3V and 5.5V, but also because this sensor module can be operated via Serial RS232 or TTL-level interfacing – making it one of the most communication-capable ultrasonic sensors we’ve had the pleasure of stocking.

When compared to many of the other Distance Sensor Modules that we stock, this little beauty is arguably the most advanced aside from the fancy LiDAR sensors. In fact, this sensor has actually been developed over numerous years by various experts in the field, and it now comes equipped with a full STM32 ARM processor, with PWM output support and even multiple optional interfacing modes. These fancy features make this distance sensor one of our top picks from the range-finding category, and we’ve already enjoyed using it on some very clever (and cute) robots here in the office.


URM37 V5.0 Ultrasonic Range Sensor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V to 5.5V                                                        

  • Operating Current

– 20mA

  • Detection Range

– 2cm to 800cm

  • Detection Resolution

– 1cm

  • Detection Accuracy

– 1% (Within Defined Min/Max Range)

  • Max Measuring Time

– <100ms

  • Serial Protocols Supported

– RS232 or TTL-Level

  • Internal Memory (For User Settings)

– 123 bytes of EEPROM

  • Model Version

– V5.0

  • Weight

– ±25g

  • Dimensions

– 22 x 51mm


Typical Applications for the URM37 V5.0 Ultrasonic Range Sensor:

With so many cool and exciting features for Makers like you and I to truly sink our teeth into, the URM37 V5.0 Ultrasonic Range Sensor is more than just a worthwhile investment, but also a really fun little tool to experiment with in both small-scale as well as large-scale Electronics projects. And in addition to the onboard STM32 processor, multiple interfacing modes and PWM-capable outputs, the incredible accuracy and ultra-low tolerances of this unit make it just as good for professional and industrial use, as it is for fun hobbyist projects.

As such, some of the fun or useful applications that you could use this Range Sensor Module for include:

  • Creating your own range-finder for DIY work at home, measuring precise distances between walls, corners and other important landmarks as you plan out your next big project.
  • Equipping your little robot buddy with a brand new set of eyes, with more functionality and the ability to communicate with Servo Motors in order to initiate pans, tilts and rotations directly from the sensor module.
  • Building a clever automatic sorting machine that identifies the sizes of objects and sorts them according to their width and height.

The projects mentioned above are certainly cool ideas, but with so much functionality, we know that the URM37 Ultrasonic Sensor can certainly be pushed further. So if this sounds like a cool challenge for you, then get yourself one of these awesome sensors and start experimenting with what it’s capable of. With an onboard processor and some very fancy tech’ driving


Additional Resources:

  • The Official DFRobot URM37 V5.0 Sensor Wiki, offering all of the juicy details and some great insights on this module, and how to use it effectively.
  • This is a fancy little URM37 Sensor Case from a designer on Thingiverse, which gives the module some extra character while protecting it from light damage.


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