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Teflon Tube Cutting Tool



This Teflon Tube Cutting Tool is cleverly designed to cut Teflon tubing with optimal force, ensuring that the Teflon doesn’t get bent or crimped.

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Teflon Tubing is a clever tool that is often used in 3D Printing to help guide 3D Filaments from the extruder body to the hotend assembly. However, because of the tight tolerances that are particularly prevalent in Capricorn PTFE Tubing, you unfortunately can’t simply cut it with scissors and expect the tolerances to remain the same.

This is why we feel like it’s vital for us to stock this Teflon Tube Cutting Tool, which is a cleverly designed cutter that operates in a similar fashion to a cigar clipper, producing equal force from various angles to ensure that the Teflon Tubing doesn’t deform while being cut. This helps to maintain optimal tolerances, without any unnecessary bends or crimps that could possibly hinder the filament guiding effectiveness, allowing you to cut your PTFE tube down to the perfect size – without worrying about post-cut tolerances or trimming to get the diameter precisely round.


Typical Applications for the Teflon Tube Cutting Tool:

While it is certainly possible to cut Teflon or PTFE tubing with standard cutting tools, this can sometimes lead to the tubing becoming bent or crimped, and can even lead to heat creep in some cases. This is why the Teflon Tube Cutting Tool is important when you need to reduce the length or cut tubing in half, so that your tolerances can remain tight, with minimal “wiggle room” for the 3D Filaments to cause problems before they get to the hotend assembly.


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Teflon Tube Cutting Tool

Teflon Tube Cutting Tool