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608 Hybrid Bearing



These ceramic and steel 608 Hybrid Bearings are built for high speed, low weight applications like fidget spinners, inline skates and musical instruments.

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These 608 Hybrid Bearings are miniature ball bearings with 8mm inner diameter and 22mm outer diameter. They are designed for high speed and low load applications, with ceramic balls that offer a wide range of benefits relating to speed, noise and overall lifespan. These bearings are rated ABEC 9, and come with more than enough lubrication for extended use in the right applications. However, more lubrication can be added for better operations under high loads, although it does come with sufficient lubrication if you aren’t intending to use it for heavy loads.

Compared to standard ceramic or Steel Bearings, the benefits of hybrid bearings include low noise due to the ceramic/steel design, higher potential speeds at low loads, longer lifespans due to the low friction coefficient between the ceramic and steel, as well as impressive corrosion and conductivity resistance because of the reduced use of metals. These features make hybrid bearings an excellent choice for a multitude of applications, ranging from high-precision work to musical instruments as well as toys and other applications in which low maintenance is a valuable characteristic.


608 Hybrid Bearing  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Inner Diameter

– 8mm                                                                      

  • Outer Diameter

– 22mm

  • Thickness

– 7mm

  • Bearing Type

– Hybrid Radial Bearing

  • Bearing Series

– 0 - Extra Light

  • Shielding

– Two Bearing-Steel Plates

  • Basic Dynamic Load Rating (Cr)

– ±3.45kN

  • Basic Static Load Rating (Cor)

– ±1.37kN

  • Max Speed (RPM x 1000)

– ±40

  • Ball Quantity

– 7


Typical Applications for 608 Hybrid Bearings:

These 608 Hybrid Radial Bearings are designed for low load, high speed applications, which is why they are very commonly used for fidget spinners, inline skates and musical instruments. The low friction between the metals and ceramics are also great for these applications since they are relatively quiet compared to other Bearings on the market, while the non-metal materials reduce any chances of corrosion or conductivity to ensure a long working lifespan.


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