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1.2V AAA Rechargeable Battery - 750mAh Precharged



These highly reliable Panasonic eneloop 1.2V AAA Batteries offer 750mAh of Rechargeable power, and are Precharged and ready for immediate use.

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Batteries have become a fundamental part of our modern daily lives, and can be found in almost any type of electronic device requiring low DC power to operate. However, because of the widespread popularisation and ever-common use, we typically take them for granted, despite the fact that they are actually ingenious little tools!

Fortunately though, we Makers still appreciate the wonders of Portable Power, which is why we’re always on the lookout for better, bigger capacity batteries to cater to the never-ending needs of the Electronics tinkerer, (while being very affordable for Makers) and this is what gets us so excited about these 1.2V AAA Rechargeable Panasonic eneloop Batteries. These awesome batteries offer 750mAh each at 1.2V nominal charge, and have been PreCharged ahead of time so you can rip them out of their package and utilise them immediately – whether for an emergency or just sheer excitement.

These fantastic batteries are manufactured by the ever-popular brand Panasonic, and are part of the world-renowned eneloop range, which of course means you can rely on the great build quality and long-lasting durability that each cell will offer. And while Rechargeable Batteries are typically sold without any charge due to the common high self-discharge rate, these Panasonic eneloop batteries are designed with an extremely low self-discharge rate by comparison, with a fully charged battery only losing around 70% capacity over a massive 5-year period.

These awesome features, in addition to the estimated 2100 lifecycles of use, make these small but relatively powerful batteries a great choice for any application.

Please Note: These units are priced individually but stocked in minimum order quantities of four (4), so as to save on unnecessary processing costs and give you the best price possible.


1.2V 750mAh AAA Rechargeable Batteries  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Manufacturer             

– Panasonic

  • Battery Series

– eneloop

  • Battery Type/Size


  • Cell Capacity

– 750mAh

  • Nominal Voltage

– 1.2V

  • Electrical Chemistry

– NiMH: Nickel Metal Hydride

  • Expected Life Cycles

– 2100

  • Self-Discharge Rate

– ±70% Capacity over 5 Years

  • Terminal Type

– Standard

  • Weight (Per Cell)

– ±13g

  • Weight (Total)

– ±52g

  • Dimensions

– 10.5mm Diameter | 44.5mm High


Typical Applications for these 1.2V 750mAh AAA Rechargeable Batteries:

Defining a single or even just a handful of use cases for batteries would certainly do them an injustice, as batteries can realistically be used for almost any electronics application, as long as you can match the voltages and current requirements. But while a single cell may only offer 1.2V nominal voltage and 750mAh capacity, by connecting these batteries in series or parallel, you can boost either or both of these values to cater perfectly to whatever project you need to power.

Just remember, however, that if you are expecting to use your batteries for extremely high-discharge applications like camera flashes or other pulse-based electronics, you may want to simply rely on the high-capacity Non-Rechargeable Batteries, as they will be able to deliver the high discharge rate required, but without any chances of self-discharging when the device is not in use.

With that being said, we must admit that these batteries are a lot better than most Rechargeable Batteries that you can find in typical stores, as they have been specially designed with low self-discharge. And while you usually wouldn’t want to use rechargeable batteries for low-discharge applications like television remotes (since they would slowly lose their capacity over time even when not in use), these 1.2V AAA Panasonic eneloop Rechargeable Batteries are specially made to lose very little charge over time, making them ideal for almost any application you can think of.


This is a fun video made by Panasonic for their renowned eneloop range of batteries, and while it doesn’t necessarily offer great insights on the batteries, it is quite an enjoyable video that succinctly sums up the benefits that these batteries offer:


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