Resistor 1k ohm - 1/4W 5% - Cover Expand

Resistor 1k ohm - 1/4W 5%



Control your current or voltage in circuits with our wide range of resistors, like this 1K OHM 1/4W Carbon Film Resistor with 5% tolerance.

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Need to resist some current or drop down a voltage? Resistors like these are fundamental components in electronics, serving to control the flow of electrical current and voltage levels within circuits. Makers often use them in voltage dividers to create reference voltages, as current limiters in LED circuits, and for biasing transistors in amplifier designs.

These 1KΩ Resistors are crafted with carbon film to offer 5% tolerance and a power rating of 1/4 Watt. The carbon film casing ensures stability and accuracy in your circuits, even under varying conditions. Its axial through-hole design makes it easy to install and integrate into your projects seamlessly. Whether you're tinkering with sensors, building audio circuits, or experimenting with digital electronics, the 1KΩ resistor empowers you to fine-tune your creations with precision and reliability.

1K OHM Resistor – Technical Specifications:

  • Value

– 1K Ω

  • Tolerance

– 5%

  • Power Rating

– 1/4W

  • Type

– Carbon Film

  • Style

– Axial - Through-Hole (PTH)

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Resistor 1k ohm - 1/4W 5%

Resistor 1k ohm - 1/4W 5%