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SMD Resistor Book - 1% 0402 Resistors, 170 Values



This Ultra-Handy SMD Resistor Book features 1% 0402 Resistors in 170 different Values, neatly packaged in strips within an A5 sized notebook.

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Resistors are fantastic little Components that have one basic purpose, to add resistance to a circuit and change the voltage or amperage in order to accommodate the very specific needs of modules and other components. However, this may not always be as easy as it sounds, and can become somewhat impossible if you don’t have the exact resistors that you need.

This is what makes this SMD Resistor Book so valuable for anyone who loves to tinker with Electronics or prototype their own circuits, as it contains a fantastic collection of 1% 0402 Resistors in 170 different Values from 0Ω to 10MΩ, presented in ultra-convenient strips in a handy little A5 book format. Each of the values are separated and clearly marked, making it easy to find the ideal resistor, with 50 of each type so that the book will last a long time, and through many projects or Prototyping phases.

If this little SMD Resistor book sounds like an amazing tool to add to your collection of Hobbyist Components, Modules and other little gadgets, then be sure to check out our other Resistor Books as well, which are very similar, but offer resistors of different sizes ranging from 0402 up to 1206.


1% 0402 SMD Resistor Book  -  Included Values:

10Ω 100Ω 1KΩ 10KΩ 100KΩ 1MΩ
1.1Ω 11Ω 110Ω 1.1KΩ 11KΩ 110KΩ 1.1MΩ
1.2Ω 12Ω 120Ω 1.2KΩ 12KΩ 120KΩ 1.2MΩ
1.3Ω 13Ω 130Ω 1.3KΩ 13KΩ 130KΩ 1.3MΩ
1.5Ω 15Ω 150Ω 1.5KΩ 15KΩ 150KΩ 1.5MΩ
1.6Ω 16Ω 160Ω 1.6KΩ 16KΩ 160KΩ 1.6MΩ
1.8Ω 18Ω 180Ω 1.8KΩ 18KΩ 180KΩ 1.8MΩ
20Ω 200Ω 2KΩ 20KΩ 200KΩ 2MΩ
2.2Ω 22Ω 220Ω 2.2KΩ 22KΩ 220KΩ 2.2MΩ
2.4Ω 24Ω 240Ω 2.4KΩ 24KΩ 240KΩ 2.4MΩ
2.7Ω 27Ω 270Ω 2.7KΩ 27KΩ 270KΩ 2.7MΩ
30Ω 300Ω 3KΩ 30KΩ 300KΩ 3MΩ
3.3Ω 33Ω 330Ω 3.3KΩ 33KΩ 330KΩ 3.3MΩ
3.6Ω 36Ω 360Ω 3.6KΩ 36KΩ 360KΩ 3.6MΩ
3.9Ω 39Ω 390Ω 3.9KΩ 39KΩ 390KΩ 3.9MΩ
4.3Ω 43Ω 430Ω 4.3KΩ 43KΩ 430KΩ 4.3MΩ
4.7Ω 47Ω 470Ω 4.7KΩ 47KΩ 470KΩ 4.7MΩ
5.1Ω 51Ω 510Ω 5.1KΩ 51KΩ 510KΩ 5.1MΩ
5.6Ω 56Ω 560Ω 5.6KΩ 56KΩ 560KΩ 5.6MΩ
6.2Ω 62Ω 620Ω 6.2KΩ 62KΩ 620KΩ 6.2MΩ
6.8Ω 68Ω 680Ω 6.8KΩ 68KΩ 680KΩ 6.8MΩ
7.5Ω 75Ω 750Ω 7.5KΩ 75KΩ 750KΩ 7.5MΩ
8.2Ω 82Ω 820Ω 8.2KΩ 82KΩ 820KΩ 8.1MΩ
9.1Ω 91Ω 910Ω 9.1KΩ 91KΩ 910KΩ 9.1MΩ

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SMD Resistor Book - 1% 0402 Resistors, 170 Values

SMD Resistor Book - 1% 0402 Resistors, 170 Values