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1M Potentiometer - Linear Rotary Rheostat



From simple volume controls to precise rotational motion, these 1M Pots offer an excellent solution with easily-adjustable variable resistance.

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Potentiometers, often referred to as “Pots”, variable resistors or even Rheostats depending on when and where you learned about them, are fantastic little Electronics Components that offer an adjustable variable resistance ranging from nothing, up to a total maximum resistance. This, while seeming quite simple at first glance, is actually ingenious, and is so useful in Electronics that it has been included in numerous different applications over the years, from volume and tone control in musical instruments, all the way through to precision control over massive machines and even cargo ships.

These 1M Potentiometers are Variable Resistors with a maximum resistance rating of 1 million ohms (or 1 Mega ohm) when fully turned, and conversely offer zero resistance when turned to the opposite extreme. This makes them a great choice for quick adjustments that don’t need to rely on digital signalling or Microcontrollers, making them awesome tools that maintain their position even after losing power. Additionally, these pots are linear style potentiometers, which means that they offer a straight linear resistance rating depending on what point they’re turned to, and as such, at half turn, you can expect half of the maximum resistance.

So, whether you’re building your own robotic servo arm to kick off your career in robotics, creating a control panel while Prototyping a new machine that you’re eager to release into the world, or simply want a convenient control mechanism that maintains positional accuracy through power outs and reboot sequences, potentiometers are some of the easiest and most affordable options around.


1M Linear Potentiometer  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Potentiometer Type

– Linear | Rotary                                   

  • Maximum Resistance

– 1MΩ (1,000,000 ohms)

  • No. of Gangs

– 1

  • No. of Turns

– 1

  • Shaft Length

– 30mm

  • Dimensions (Body)

– 12mm High | 30mm Diameter


Typical Applications for 1M Linear Potentiometers:

These 1M Potentiometers are extremely handy tools, which allow for simple but effective controls without relying on any form of software. This makes them fantastic for analog circuits, while still offering full functionality in digital circuits too, allowing for an incredibly wide range of practical applications. For hobbyists, potentiometers are great for controlling Servo Motors and other precision control components, while for professionals, these are perfect for mounting into electronics control panels for controlling complex machinery with relative ease.

Regardless of how you want to use these awesome tools, however, their relatively simple design and even simpler operation style make them a great addition to almost any project involving precision (or just general) control.


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1M Potentiometer - Linear Rotary Rheostat

1M Potentiometer - Linear Rotary Rheostat