47kΩ 0.5W Trimming Potentiometer - Bourns 3362 - Cover Expand

47kΩ 0.5W Trimming Potentiometer - Bourns 3362



These handy 47KΩ 0.5W Trimming Pots are perfect for calibrating & adjusting prototyped circuits, featuring a multi-wire wiper in a robust package.

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When it comes to working with Electronics, there are very few aspects that are more exciting than Prototyping, as it requires a good blend of logic coupled with creativity to create brand new circuits for unique and awesome projects. However, because prototyping typically requires some trial and error, especially if you are venturing into brand new territory with your project, and as such, you having tools that offer adjustable, variable values is fantastic, as it allows you to calibrate and make adjustments to your circuit after everything is put in place – or while you’re experimenting on a breadboard before a more permanent design.

This is the primary reason why we love Electronics Components like these 47kΩ 0.5W Trimming Potentiometers, which offer a variable resistance depending on how much they are turned, as the wiper inside the unit moves so as to extend or reduce the length of resistive material that electricity has to overcome before leaving the output pin. This results in a handy little unit that can be adjusted on the fly, offering anywhere between 470Ω (1% of Max Resistance) up to 47kΩ (Max Resistance), depending on how far you as a user turns the adjusting screw.

Because this potentiometer is designed to offer specific resistance values for precision circuits, it is designed to be linear in style, which means that the values increase and decrease linearly rather than logarithmically as the adjusting screw is turned, offering a single turn to go from minimum to maximum resistance. And while some Potentiometers are used for user controls and interfacing with machines or devices, these are particularly designed to be installed onto PCB’s and integrated into circuits so as to allow the Maker (Yes, that’s you!) to perform calibrations while troubleshooting, or to accommodate slightly differing values from other components in the circuit.


47KΩ 0.5W Trimming Potentiometer  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Potentiometer Type

– Linear | Rotary                                                      

  • Maximum Resistance

– 47kΩ

  • No. of Gangs

– 1

  • No. of Turns

– 1

  • Shaft Diameter

– 2.77mm

  • Tolerance

– ±10%

  • Orientation

– Top Adjust

  • Mounting Style

– Through Hole

  • Package Type

– Bourns 3362 Series

  • Safe Operating Temperatures

– -55° to +125°C

  • Dimensions (Without Pins)

– 6.6 x 7 x 4.7mm


Typical Applications for these 47kΩ 0.5W Trimming Potentiometers:

As Makers who love working with predesigned Modules (as well as individual components), trimming potentiometers like this 47kΩ 0.5W “Trimpot” is certainly nothing new, and we often use them to make adjustments on modules like Voltage Regulators and sensors, which may need calibration before the final design due to different required voltages, sensing distances, weight ratings or other variables that would typically depend on the application. And while it can certainly be used in a similar fashion to standard linear pots like our 1M Potentiometer or our 1K Potentiometer, these are designed to be low-cost parts with around 200 turn cycles of lifespan, making it more appropriate for prototyping applications in which you won’t be adjusting it very often.


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47kΩ 0.5W Trimming Potentiometer - Bourns 3362

47kΩ 0.5W Trimming Potentiometer - Bourns 3362