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RFID Tag 125kHz



These 125kHz RFID Tag are housed in neat little ABS plastic keyrings and are ideal for location tracking for applications like parking, attendance or ticketing systems.

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If you are struggling with keeping track of people, vehicles or even equipment or stationery within your home or office, these 125kHz RFID Tags are a simple and easy solution. Operating on a frequency of 125kHz, these tokens are all pre-programmed with unique ID numbers to communicate wirelessly with RFID Readers over distances of around 10cm or less. This means you can attach it to vehicles or items, keyrings or even pets’ collars to keep track of the location via an array of readers in the office, warehouse or home.

Each RFID Tag comes attached to a small keyring, within a little blue housing. This makes them easy to distribute, while maintaining a fair amount of discretion. Additionally, the process of matching tags to readers is also very simple as well, as all you have to do is tell the reader that you are adding a token, and then hold the token nearby. Then, when the token passes by the reader, the system can identify and log the ID number and time, or can even open up doors or other access ways automatically.


125kHz RFID Tag  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Housing Material


  • Response Frequency

– 125 kHz

  • Chip Type

– TK4100 | EM4100

  • Operating Temperature

– -10° to 50°C

  • Key Ring

– Included

  • Dimension

– 85.5 x 54 x 2mm


Typical Applications for these 125kHz RFID Tags:

These 125kHz RFID Tags are typically used for monitoring and tracking, and can keep track of employees, business assets or almost anything else that you can attach it to. However, it is also used for automation and can make doors open for employees, unlock stock rooms for specific individuals, or even open up the doggy-door when pets need to go outside. This not only improves efficiency within a home or office environment, but also helps with security by keeping people without registered RFID tokens from entering without assistance.


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RFID Tag 125kHz

RFID Tag 125kHz