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RFID Card 125kHz



This 125kHz RFID Card has a reliable communications range of up to 10cm, and is ideal for location tracking or access control within an office or home.

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When it comes to location tracking or access control within an office or home, there are few better ways to do it than with RFID tokens or cards. This is why we stock these 125kHz RFID Cards, which are discrete and capable of easily fitting into a wallet, pocket or even cubbyhole to automatically communicate with RFID readers and react accordingly. These RFID cards have a common range of around 10cm, and can either simply track the locations while logging the time and date, or can grant access to specific people.

These cards can also be printed upon, and can be labelled with branding or can be personalised for each application. This allows you to designate specific cards for individuals, vehicles or any important assets within a home or office, and print their names or specific imagery on each one of the cards. Additionally, these cards also greatly improve security, as each one has unique ID number pre-programmed into it that has to be matched to RFID Readers by an administrator.

Please Note: These units are priced individually, but have a minimum order quantity of 10. This is to help professionals and contractors in their pricing structures, while avoiding unnecessary shipping costs, so as to ensure the best possible price for each and every customer.

125kHz RFID Card - Technical Specifications:

  • Token Type

– Card                                                                    

  • Chip Type

– EM4100 

  • Response Frequency

– 125 kHz

  • Operating Range

– ±10cm

  • Operating Temperature

– -10° to 50°C

  • Dimensions

– 85.6 x 53.98cm


Typical Applications for the RFID Card 125kHz:

These 125kHz RFID Cards are ideal solutions for access control, as they can conveniently fit into wallets, pockets or handbags without any extra hassle. This can enable you to allow specific people into specific areas of your home or business, and you can even hand some out to guests upon arrival so you don’t need to personally supervise their visits. And while it’s not as security-focused as systems like finger print scanners, it is extremely convenient since the card can operate at distances of up to 10cm, allowing people to access areas without even having to take the card out of their top pockets.

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RFID Card 125kHz

RFID Card 125kHz