AlphaBot, Raspberry Pi Robot Kit (Pi not included) Expand

AlphaBot, Raspberry Pi Robot Kit (Pi not included)

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The Raspberry Pi AlphaBot is the perfect foundational Robotics Kit to learn about electronics, microcontrollers and basic robotics. Thanks to the rich Raspberry Pi open source resources, and the modular design of AlphaBot, you'll learn how to extend and refit, and finally build your own Raspberry Pi robot.

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Every Robotics enthusiast knows the excitement of building your own smart robot, programming it, and releasing it to proudly whiz around the living room floor. Whether you’re building your first mobile robot or designing a large complex robotic arm, these amazing inventions never fail to draw the eye of everyone in the room. What’s even more exciting is the increased accessibility for Robotics hobbyists to acquire and learn so much. One of the best ways to get started and grow your knowledge is through building Robotic Kits like this Alphabot Raspberry Pi Robotics Kit.

The Alphabot is the perfect choice to begin your hoard of mini robot companions. Compatible with Raspberry Pi and Arduino, the Alphabot Robotics Kit provides a platform with everything but a microcontroller to start your journey into the world of Robotics. This awesome robotics kit includes the Alphabot mainboard, a coalition of smart components and interfaces ready for you to plug and play. By connecting your choice controller board (which we recommend Arduino Uno or Raspberry Pi 3B+), you can explore exciting robotics programming such as line tracking, obstacle avoidance, IR remote control, and video monitoring via network. With the amazing Raspberry Pi and Arduino online open-source resources and the modular design of the Alphabot, you'll learn how to extend, refit, and finally build your own mobile robot designs!

Please Note: Although this Alphabot, Raspberry Pi Robotics Kit includes excellent Electronics Components to build your Alphabot robot, it does not include the Raspberry Pi microcontroller board or batteries necessary to complete it. For these parts, please be sure to look at our catalogues for a Raspberry Pi or Arduino Uno and 2x 18650 Li-Ion batteries to build your new Alphabot Robotics Kit.


Alphabot, Raspberry Pi Robotics Kit - Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– Waveshare

  • Robot Name

– Alphabot

  • Microcontroller Compatibility

– Raspberry Pi and Arduino (Not included)

  • Controller Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Battery Compatibility

– 2x 18650 Li-ion batteries (NOT included)

  •  Smart Robot Sensors

– Auto Line Following

– Video Monitoring

– Obstacle Avoidance

  • Interface Modules

– Raspberry Pi

– Arduino

– Motor

– Ultrasonic Module

– Servo Module

– Speed Measuring


  • Remote Control

– IR Remote Control | Bluetooth Remote Control         

  • Mobile App Teleoperations

– Robot movement and OLED Display

  • Connector

– USB 1.1

  • Motors Driver

– LM298P, 2A

  • Weight

– 475g


Alphabot, Raspberry Pi Robotics Kit – Parts Included:

  • 1 x AlphaBot mainboard
  • 1 x omni-direction wheel                                               
  • 1 x Tracker Sensor
  • 1 x 20-slots encoder disk 2PCS
  • 2 x Photo Interrupter Sensor
  • 1 x IR remote controller
  • 2 x Infrared Proximity Sensor
  • 1 x XH2.54 4cm 4Pin 2PCS
  • 1 x Motor with gearbox 2PCS
  • 1 x XH2.54 4cm 3Pin 2PCS
  • 1 x AlphaBot wheel 2PCS
  • 1 x XH2.54 4cm 7Pin
  • 1 x AlphaBot acrylic chassis
  • 1 x AlphaBot screws
  • 1 x Motor mounting plate 4PCS



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AlphaBot, Raspberry Pi Robot Kit (Pi not included)

AlphaBot, Raspberry Pi Robot Kit (Pi not included)

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