AlphaBot2, Robot Kit for Arduino with UNO Plus Expand

AlphaBot2, Robot Kit for Arduino with UNO Plus

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Thanks to the highly integrated modular design, the AlphaBot2 is easy to assemble with no soldering and no wiring. It includes resources and guides to help you ge start3ed on a variety of projects!

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This AlphaBot2 robot kit is designed to use with an Arduino compatible board UNO PLUS. It features rich common robot functions including line tracking, obstacle avoiding, ultrasonic ranging, infrared remote control, Bluetooth communication, etc.

Thanks to the highly integrated modular design, it is fairly easy to assemble by a snap, no soldering, no wiring. After a few minutes spent on hardware assembing, you're almost there, our open source demo codes is ready to help you get started fast.


AlphaBot2 Features:

AlphaBot2 employs a 2-layer structure to provide excellent stability and compatibility.

AlphaBot2-Base, the Lower Chassis:

  • 5-channel infrared sensor, analog outputs. Used with PID algorithm provides stable line tracking
  • Onboard builtin modules like line tracking, obstacle avoiding, needs no messy wiring
  • TB6612FNG dual H-bridge motor driver, compared with L298P, are more efficient, more compact, and run cooler
  • N20 micro gear motor, with metal gears, low noise, high accuracy
  • Onboard RGB LEDs, true color lighting, interactive indication

AlphaBot2-Ar, the Upper Adapter Board for Controller:

  • Onboard Arduino interface, into which Arduino controller can be directly plugged
  • 0.96inch 128x64 yellow/blue dual color OLED
  • TLC1543 AD acquisition chip
  • PC8574 I/O expander, avoid I/O shortage
  • Xbee connector, for connecting dual-mode Bluetooth module


UNO PLUS Features:

UNO PLUS is a development board designed by Waveshare and compatible with the Arduino UNO R3. It is improved & enhanced alternative solution for Arduino UNO R3.

UNO PLUS Vs Original UNO R3:

Operating voltage 5V/3.3V 5V Dual voltage level to support more shields
Reset Lateral Vertical Lateral button is easier to use when connecting with shields
Bootloader switch Yes None The board can be configured to run program immediately when power-up by the switch
USB connector Micro USB USB Type B Micro connector is more commonly used, and shields won't be blocked anymore when connected
DC jack Low profile Normal height Shields won't be blocked anymore when connected
Power output header Yes None

Providing 5V/3.3V power output OR common-ground with other boards

3.3V power regulator 800mA Max 150mA Max UNO PLUS features higher driving capability 3.3V regulator
Oscillator Crystal oscillator Ceramic resonator Crystal oscillator is suited for applications where a more accurate clock reference is needed
ADC channels 8 6 CFG used as ADC6 by configuration, and ADC7 from the Reserved PIN
Connecting with prototype breadboard Supported Not supported Solder pads is provided for DIY interfaces to connecting with prototype breadboard
USB driver Compatible with all main systems Doesn't compatible with WIN7/WIN8 Express Edition Driver will never failed to install thanks to the onboard FTDI FT232 IC (all OS built in drivers)
Firmware fixing Supported Not supported Firmware can be fixed by using the onboard FT232, no extra programmer is needed


What's on the UNO PLUS:

  1. ATMEGA328P-AU
  2. AMS1117-3.3 : 3.3V voltage regulator
  3. NCP1117ST50T3G : 5V voltage regulator
  4. FT232RL : USB to UART convertor
  5. Arduino interface
    • compatible with standard Arduino interface with two additional analog inputs A6 (config the CFG), A7
    • solder pads provided, supports prototype breadboard
  6. ICSP interface
  7. MICRO USB connector : for uploading program OR serial port debugging
  8. Power output header : 3.3V OR 5V, voltage level configured by the onboard power configuration switch, used as power output OR common-grounding with other boards
  9. FT232 pins : for burning Bootloader into the microcontroller
  10. DC input : 7V ~ 12V
  11. Reset button
  12. Power indicator
  13. Serial port Rx/Tx indicator
  14. User LED
  15. Power configuration switch : for configuring the operating voltage
  16. Bootloader selection switch
    • Turn ON : the board will reset when power-up OR other USB devices were detected connecting to the PC
    • Turn OFF : the onboard program runs immediately when power-up, and the board will not reset when other USB devices were detected connecting to the PC


What's on the AlphaBot2 Base:

  1. AlphaBot2 control interface: for connecting sorts of controller adapter board
  2. Ultrasonic module interface
  3. Obstacle avoiding indicators
  4. Omni-direction wheel
  5. ST188: reflective infrared photoelectric sensor, for obstacle avoiding
  6. ITR20001/T: reflective infrared photoelectric sensor, for line tracking
  7. Potentiometer for adjusting obstacle avoiding range
  8. TB6612FNG dual H-bridge motor driver
  9. LM393 voltage comparator
  10. N20 micro gear motor reduction rate 1:30, 6V/600RPM
  11. Rubber wheels diameter 42mm, width 19mm
  12. Power switch
  13. Battery holder: supports 14500 batteries
  14. WS2812B: true color RGB LEDs
  15. Power indicator


What's on the AlphaBot2-Ar:

  1. AlphaBot2 control interface: for connecting AlphaBot2-Base
  2. Arduino expansion header: for connecting Arduino shields
  3. Arduino interface: for connecting Arduino compatible controller
  4. Xbee connector: for connecting dual-mode Bluetooth module, remotely control the robot via Bluetooth
  5. IR receiver
  6. PC8574: I/O expander, SPI interface
  7. Arduino peripheral jumpers
  8. TLC1543: 10-bit AD acquisition chip
  9. Buzzer
  10. 0.96inch OLED SSD1306 driver, 128x64 resolution
  11. Joystick




AlphaBot2-Ar Feature Gallery:

Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2 Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2
  • AlphaBot2-Ar Top View
  • AlphaBot2-Ar Bottom View
Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2 Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2
  • AlphaBot2-Base Top View
  • AlphaBot2-Base Bottom View
Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2 Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2
  • AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Side View
  • AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Side View
Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2 Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2
  • AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Front View
  • AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Back View
Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2 Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2
  • AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Bottom View
  • AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Bottom View
Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2 Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2
  • AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Top View
  • AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Disassembly

Alphabot Function Examples:

Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2 Demo Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2 Demo
AlphaBot2 Multi Robots - Line Following AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Line Tracking
Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2 Demo Raspberry Arduino Robot AlphaBot2 Demo
AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Obstacle Avoiding AlphaBot2-Ar Robot Bluetooth Control

Note: photos are FOR REFERENCE ONLY, the other boards/modules/accessories are NOT included in the price.


Development Resources:

Wiki :

Wiki :


Selection Guide:

Package ContentsProducts
ItemDescriptionAlphaBot2-Ar Acc PackAlphaBot2-ArAlphaBot2-Pi Acc PackAlphaBot2-PiAlphaBot2-PiZero Acc Pack
AlphaBot2-Base Motor driver, integrates sensors for obstacle avoiding, line tracking
AlphaBot2-Ar Adapter board, for connecting Arduino
AlphaBot2-Pi Adapter board, for connecting RPi3 B
AlphaBot2-PiZero Adapter board, for connecting RPi Zero W
RPi3 B Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
UNO PLUS Enhanced Arduino compatible board
Dual-mode Bluetooth Dual-mode Bluetooth module
Ultrasonic sensor Ultrasonic obstacle avoiding, ranging
IR remote controller remotely control the robot
RPi Camera (B)  Raspberry Pi camera, adjustable focus
SG90 Servo, working with the pan head, controlling the rotation of the camera
Micro SD Card 16GB 16GB Miro SD Card, class 10
5V 2.5A Power Adapter RPi3 B requires 2.5A or above power supply

This product is developed, manufactured, and supported by Waveshare.

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