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Turtle: A 2WD Arduino Robotics Kit for Beginners

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The Turtle is a 2WD Arduino Robotics Kit from DFRobot, that caters to Beginners who want to learn all about Robotics in a fun, stress-free way.

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If you’re a robotics enthusiast like we are at DIYElectronics, but have been hesitant to try your hand at building your own robot, the Turtle: 2WD Arduino Robotics Kit is the perfect kit to take you from beginner to intermediate while having a load of fun building a little robot buddy. Designed with simple assembly and convenient user experience as the main focuses, the Turtle Kit offers an impressive level of functionality that you can enjoy in a variety of different ways, which can also be enhanced and upgraded with a range of different sensors, actuators and other Electronics Modules and components.

The Turtle, once assembled, offers a clean layout with just the controller board and mounted sensor situated atop the upper fuselage, with all of the other parts tucked away between the wheels. This gives the robot a very friendly aesthetic style, while keeping all of the Electronics safe from impacts or other minor damages. Additionally, thanks to the caster wheel instead of two secondary rubber wheels, this little bot can turn 360° without moving from its place, which gives it playful movements like a little puppy-dog wanting to play.

Finally, and this is probably the best aspect about these Robotics Kits, is that they include a specialised Romeo BLE controller board as the main brains of the robot, which is essentially an upgraded Arduino Board with built-in Bluetooth 4.0. This allows you to control your robot from your Smartphone, PC or any other similar devices with Bluetooth capabilities. This is further complemented by the dedicated “GoBLE” App for iOS, as well as the adapted “PlayBLE” App for Android, which make connecting with and controlling your Turtle as easy and convenient as possible.

Please Note: Although the Romeo BLE controller board is based on Arduino and features a MicroUSB Port, it can't actually be programmed directly via USB, but instead utilises Wireless BLE Programming, which of course means that you will need the trusty Bluno Link USB Bluetooth Dongle to effectively modify and upload code for your robots or other applications. Furthermore, if you ever need to update the Bluetooth Chip, then you will need to use the MicroUSB port to do so.

Additional Note: If this kit seems interesting to you, but you are looking for a robotics kit that is slightly more advanced and tailored to experienced Makers, take a look at our Pirate Robotics Kit as well, which is more difficult to build but offers more functionality and potential for upgrades.


Turtle: A 2WD Arduino Robotics Kit for Beginners  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Controller (Included)

– Romeo BLE V1.0 (Arduino-Based Board)

  • Microcontroller

– ATmega328P

  • Controller Operating Voltage

– 5V DC

  • Recommended BLE Dongle

– Bluno Link USB Bluetooth Dongle

  • Ultrasonic Sensor (URM37 V4.0) Range

– 4 to 300cm (500cm Possible in Perfect Conditions)

  • Rotation Range

– 0° to 180°

  • Power Supply

– 7.5V to 12V DC

  • Max Speed

– 90cm/s

  • Maximum Load

– 500g

  • Chassis Materials

– Aluminium Alloy

  • Weight

– 480g (Excl. Battery)

  • Dimensions (Packaged)

– 200 x 170 x 105mm

  • Dimensions (Assembled)

– 199 x 170 x 108mm


Turtle: A 2WD Arduino Robotics Kit for Beginners  -  Included Parts:

  • 1x  Turtle 2WD Chassis
  • 1x  PH-2.0 to DC-2.2 Adapter                                             
  • 1x  Romeo BLE Arduino-Based Robot Controller
  • 1x  Motor Wire
  • 2x  Micro DC Geared Motors
  • 1x  Power Switch
  • 1x  DSS-P05 5kg Servo
  • 2x  Rubber Wheels
  • 1x  URM37 V4.0 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • 1x  Metal Caster Wheel
  • 1x  URM37 Sensor Mounting Bracket
  • 1x  Magnetic USB to Micro USB Cable
  • 3x  IR Sensor Mounting Brackets
  • 1x  Screws Kit
  • 1x  5-Slot AA Battery Holder
  • 1x  Pack of 10 F/F Jumper Wires


Typical Applications for the Turtle 2WD Arduino Robotics Kit for Beginners:

The greatest thing about building robots is that you can utilise them for whatever applications or projects that you think will be a good fit for their capabilities. As such, the Turtle 2WD Robot Kit can be used for simple applications like experimentation and learning, but can also be used in unique ways, and could even be your chemistry assistant to handle the dangerous chemicals that you don’t want to get near. So, whether you want a little robot to bring you your coffee or newspaper in the morning, clean the house while you’re at work, or simply follow you around playfully as you go about your business, the Turtle is an excellent, fun and beginner-friendly choice.


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Turtle: A 2WD Arduino Robotics Kit for Beginners

Turtle: A 2WD Arduino Robotics Kit for Beginners

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