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The ForeRunner - Tank Track Robot Chassis

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The ForeRunner is a highly customisable Robot Chassis with tank tracks, to take on harsh natural environments & explore the wilderness with robotics!

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When it comes to rugged Robotics, there are few better ways to do it than with a sturdy and durable all-metal robot chassis with tank tracks!

The ForeRunner Tank Track Robot Chassis is a finely crafted all-metal chassis that has left the acrylic behind and taken the more rugged approach to exploring the world through electronic eyes and other Electronic Sensors. Featuring a full array of slots and holes for mounting almost anything you want onto the top, front or back, with very hardy tank tracks that offer excellent grip on almost any surface, this is the kind of robot chassis that could easily take on the wilderness, explore the most difficult-to-traverse locations, or even battle other bots to the death!

This robot chassis comes in kit form, with all of the necessary Components you need aside from a primary “Brain” or controller, so that you can enjoy both the building process as well as the use cases that the finished product will offer. In fact, because of this, you can even choose to build your ForeRunner in your own unique way, adding extra peripherals like grappling hooks for very steep inclines, or even a ping-pong ball cannon to shoot those pesky drones right out of the sky!

Regardless of how you want to build your ForeRunner though, we can guarantee that you will have fun while both building the chassis, as well as when experimenting with its capabilities.

Please Note: The RomeoBLE from DFRobot is the ideal controller board to use with this chassis, as it features an onboard H-Bridged motor driver and Bluetooth capabilities built directly into the board for ultimate convenience.


The ForeRunner Tank Track Robot Chassis  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Chassis Material

– Electroplated Aluminium                          

  • Max Carrying Capacity

– 5kg

  • Operating Voltage (Motors)

– 12V DC

  • Motor Max Speed

– 160rpm

  • Climbing Capabilities

– 30° Incline

  • Dimensions (Assembled)

– 300 x 230 x 124mm

  • Weight

– 1.2kg


Parts Included with The ForeRunner Tank Track Robot Chassis:

  • 1 x All-Metal Chassis
  • 2 x DC Motors: 160rpm
  • 10 x ABS Bearing Wheels
  • 4 x Aluminium Driving Wheels
  • 2 x Engineering Grade Plastic Tank Tracks
  • 1 x Set of Basic Assembly Tools
  • A Full Range of Nuts, Screws, Mounting Stand-offs and Spacers


Typical Applications for The ForeRunner - Tank Track Robot Chassis:

With the ability to climb 30° inclines, a plethora of mounting points for sensors and other electronic goodies, as well as a rugged design that can climb over rocks and other difficult terrains, the ForeRunner Tank Track Robot Chassis is a great chassis for almost any Robotics projects you’re planning. So, whether you want to build a forest racing robot that can traverse over roots, rocks and rubble, make a little robotic buddy to follows you around as you traverse difficult terrain, or even equip it with weaponry to fight other robots in wilderness-type arenas, the ForeRunner Robot Chassis is an excellent choice that won’t let you down.


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The ForeRunner - Tank Track Robot Chassis

The ForeRunner - Tank Track Robot Chassis

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