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The Pegasus Mini Base Kit is a locally made and awesome new mobile Robotics platform designed for Makers, robotics students, and entrepreneurs. With this reliable mechanical structure to customize, you can join in the mission to prototype and build new innovative robots in South Africa!

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Every Robotics enthusiast knows the excitement of building your own smart robot, programming it, and releasing it to proudly whiz around the living room floor. Whether you’re building your first mobile robot or designing a large complex robotic arm, these amazing inventions never fail to draw the eye of everyone in the room. What’s even more exciting is the increased accessibility for Robotics hobbyists to acquire and learn so much. That’s exactly what makes us beyond excited to join forces with Protogarden, a local team who’ve made the innovation of Robotics in South Africa their passion! Their Pegasus Mini Base Kit is an excellent robotics platform ready as a reliable sturdy base for your next project. Lightweight and greatly customizable, the Pegasus Mini was made for Robotic Tinkerers at home, as well as for educational and research purposes.

This Pegasus Mini Base Kit is a base only version which means it comes partially assembled, including all the motors and motor drivers needed to reach 1.3m/s speeds, but not including any computing modules or Sensors. It will be up to you to design, plan, and install your own “brain” into your unique mobile robot using your favourite Electronics Components and Modules. By having an already constructed mobile base, you are free to focus on the fun parts and create prototypes for your carefully programmed Robots. Arduino and Raspberry Pi are ideal powerful microcontrollers with plenty online resources to use in Robotics Kits like this one. Let your imagination go wild adding the sensors, camera modules, and even LED Lighting to turn your Pegasus Mini Base Kit into a whizzing smart Robot.


So, What Makes the Pegasus Mini Base Kit the Reliable Sturdy Base You Need?

The Pegasus Mini Base Kit may be a base structure for your DIY Robotics project, but by no means is it an empty shell. The engineers at Protogarden ensured you will have a functional and beautiful mobile base, complete with 12V DC Motors and Ros, Gazebo, and Python API Drivers. These features and clever construction set you up for success, whether you are a Robotics student or adventurous enthusiast:

  • A solid aluminium frame with modular parts for customization. The Pegasus Mini is designed to be changed. The team at Protogarden went so far as to include a disassembly guide in the Pegasus Mini’s Official Documentation. You can even restructure the frame itself using the various pre-tapped holes and brackets, even making it possible to attach a robotic arm or otherwise extend your robot easily with 3D Printed parts.
  • Great mobility with 1.3 m/s speed. Race to the finish line with the Pegasus Mini as the perfect choice for a smart mobile robot. Its three-wheel construction lets you make sharp turns and opens the possibility to add 360-degree sensors for total environmental awareness and obstacle avoidance. The Pegasus Mini is great for experimenting with mapping and autonomous navigation.
  • Designed for easy modifications and accessories. The Pegasus Mini is the sandbox for your dream robot creation. Its structured base and mechanical parts cater to the additions of sensors, modules and any other Electronic Components you can get your hands on. Using a programming language like Python with a Raspberry Pi microcontroller, you can turn your Pegasus Mini into a little mobile smart computer, with added sensors, cameras, and more. Any spares and unused devices lying around your workshop can find a home in the Pegasus Mini as your experiment with electronic solutions, fun programming, and robotics automations.


Please Note: This model of the Pegasus Mini is the Base Only Kit and does not include electronic components such as a camera, sensors, or a PCB. This kit provides a partially assembled mechanical structure base with motors and drivers for you to incorporate your own Electronics. Be sure to check our wide range of Modules and Components for your Pegasus Mini project.

Protogarden Pegasus Mini Base Kit - Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– Protogarden                                            

  • Model

– Pegasus Mini (Base Only)

  • Max Payload

– 10kg

  • Speed

– 1.3 m/s

  • Motor Controller

– 7.5 Amps Continuous per channel

– 15 Amps Peak per channel

– Autotuning PID

– USB, Serial, R/C, Analog

  • Motors

– Brushed 12V DC Motor

  • Battery

– 1.1V 5.4Ah Li-Ion

  • Drivers & API

– Ros, Gazebo, Python API

  • Weight

– 7kg

  • Dimensions

– 450x350x150mm


Typical Applications for the Protogarden Pegasus Mini Base Kit:

Providing a platform so adept to modification, the Protogarden Pegasus Mini Base Kit was made for Makers, robotics students and entrepreneurs. Researchers also have great use for the Pegasus Mini, as it is the perfect tool for Prototyping exciting new Robotics and mobile appliances. Because you are able to add third-party sensors and electronics of all types to the Pegasus Mini, there are an endlessly wide range of applications for it! In additional to these amazing possibilities for interesting Electronic solutions, you are also able to modify the very construction of the Pegasus Mini to incorporate a robotic arm or a custom 3D Printed part. The Pegasus Mini might become a smart security drone, your own R2D2 companion, robot waiter, remote telebot, or anything else you can dream up.


DIYElectronics Components List to Build a Complete Robot:

Starting a brand-new shiny project with your Pegasus Mini Base Kit is exhilarating, but we also know that it may be intimidating to stare into the mass of customization options before you. Where to begin and what will you need to build a fully functional robot out of this awesome platform? Well, DIYElectronics has your back.

Here is a handy Components List from our catalogue of accessories that go well with the Pegasus Base Mini. Of course, you could add all sorts of Electronic Components that are not listed here, but we hope this will churn ideas and give you a helpful push over the starting line:

Computing Components

Sensors – Environment

Sensors – Motion

Sensors – Proximity

More Accessories


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Protogarden Pegasus Mini Base Kit

Protogarden Pegasus Mini Base Kit