Rod End Bearing M4 Female - SI4T/K Expand

Rod End Bearing M4 Female - SI4T/K



These SI4T/K M4 Female Rod End Bearings offer precision articulated joint movement – Ideal for RC vehicles and delta-style 3D printers.

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These SI4T/K M4 Female Rod End Bearings are articulating joints designed to be used on the ends of control rods, steering links and tie rods. These bearings are most commonly utilised for applications within Delta 3D Printers and RC vehicles, as they can screw onto threaded shafts while offering swivelling action. This is achieved with a 4mm hole pressed into a circular housing with M4 thread, which then fits male rods to form a firm connection with precision articulated joint movement.

Within typical delta-style printers, between 6 and 12 of these Bearings will be used to connect to both sides of the carbon fiber rods.


Technical Specifications:

  • Bearing Type

– Rod End Bearing

  • Model Number

– SI4T/K

  • Thread

– M4 x 0.7mm Female

  • Ball Hole Size

– 4mm


Typical Applications for the Rod End Bearing M4 Female - SI4T/K:

These SI4T/K M4 Female Rod End Bearings are often used for RC vehicles and delta style 3D Printers, as they offer exceptional rotational movement while maintaining strong stability and rigidity. This is ideal for suspension systems, wheel housings and moving joints within machines, and are made from durable materials to ensure a long lifespan and lasting reliability.

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