37 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot - Gravity Series Expand

37 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot - Gravity Series

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Equip yourself with everything you need for truly grand projects with the 37 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot – Designed to the Gravity Series Standard.

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As humans, we often take for granted just how well our various senses work, since we’ve used them all our lives and are sometimes even better at using them than using our own language! However, working with Sensors and modules in Electronics helps to lift the veil, to reveal just complex our bodies are, and just how difficult ascertaining temperature, humidity levels, wind force and many other environmental factors around us can be.

Fortunately though, this complexity does not carry through to this 37 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot, which is designed according to the awesome Gravity Series Standard, and is made to be as easy as possible for users like yourself, removing all of the complex mathematics and scientific algorithms and making electronic sensing simple and easy to leverage for a variety of awesome and unique projects. In addition to a good range of different Sensor Modules like colour sensors, shake and tilt sensors, and even a submersible liquid level sensor, this kit is also well-equipped with great functionality and interactive modules as well. These include a range of colourful push-button modules, an X/Y Joystick module for controlling robots, Piezo and capacitive sensors for ultra-sensitive interactions, as well as two different kinds of motors for sheer experimentation enjoyment.

With so many amazing modules and sensors in this kit, the only part that you will need before diving straight in is a reliable microcontroller, with Arduino Boards being some of the easiest to learn and get the hang of before moving to more advanced platforms. However, while some may consider the “missing” microcontroller a bad thing, we particularly chose this kit because it allows Makers like yourself to choose whichever microcontroller suits your style best – while saving on overall costs. So, if you’re looking for a great way to break into the world of electronics and understand how various Modules work in a far more in-depth way than ever before, the 37 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot is a great choice that will lead you through many different and exciting projects, all while helping you learn the in’s and out’s of electronics, digital logic and the behaviour of various sensors, modules and more.


37 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot  -  Technical Specifications:

  • 1 x Handy Compartmentalised Carry-Case


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37 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot - Gravity Series

37 Piece Sensor Kit from DFRobot - Gravity Series

As self-proclaimed “Robo-holics”, DFRobot is a company comprised of over 100 staff members, of which 30% are engineers who love to build robots. It was started in 2008 with the goal of embracing and promoting open-source hardware, with a core focus on Arduino, Raspberry Pi and their very own LattePanda development boards. Since then, DFRobot have manufactured over 1300 unique modules, sensors and components that all work together and complement each other, allowing users like us to enjoy a full spectrum of cutting edge robotics and electronics without having to pay premium prices.

With the primary goal of developing and manufacturing great quality products, while making them accessible to as many people as possible, DFRobot are rapidly becoming one of the most common-place brands in the world of open-source robotics and electronics. With more than 1300 products developed in-house, and an impressive range of different categories and specialisations, there are few brands in the world who can compete in terms of quality, accessibility and genuine innovation.