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The RS485 to Ethernet Converter is an effective tool to let your serial devices communicate, translating between serial RS485 to serial Ethernet.

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As humans, Communication comes naturally to us, as most of us are born with all of the senses and peripherals that we need to effectively pass information to each other – whether through speech, sign language or even simple facial expressions. However, we certainly take this for granted, and this becomes apparent when you try to get two different Electronics Modules or components to communicate with each other, but in different languages. In fact, even though there are a wide range of different Serial Communications protocols, all quite similar in a few ways, even these can’t always communicate effectively without some kind of converter or “Translator” to match the incoming signals with what the output device is expecting.

This is precisely what makes the RS485 to Ethernet Converter such a great tool for anyone who likes to deal with serial communications protocols like RS485 and RJ45, as it allows these two similar but subtly different protocols to effectively communicate, despite the fact that they essentially “speak” different “Dialects”. This enables you to utilise the major benefits of each protocol, but without sacrificing on any functionality, allowing you to communicate with robotics projects via Ethernet, or control multiple RS485 and RJ45 slave devices without having to develop separate systems for each protocol.

In addition to a great quality design, this serial converter module also features a range of great benefits that improve performance and reliability, as well as user convenience and protections against a variety of common and uncommon faults. So let’s take a closer look at some of these awesome features:


RS485 to Ethernet Converter  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Processor

– Cortex-M0 32-bit

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V to 7V DC  (5V Recommended)

  • Current Draw

– 110mA @ 5V

  • RJ45/Ethernet Speed

– 10Mbps / 100Mbps (Self-Negotiating)

  • RJ45/Ethernet Protocol Support         


– DHCP | DNS | HTTPD Client

  • RJ45/Ethernet Cache

– TX: 6Kbyte | RX: 4Kbyte

  • RS485 Baudrate

– 600bps to 230.4Kbps

  • RS485 Data Bits

– 5, 6, 7, 8

  • RS485 Stop Bits

– 1, 2

  • RS485 Parity Bit

– None / Even / Odd / Space / Mark

  • RS485 Cache

– RX 800byte

  • RS485 Framing Condition

– 4 byte Time Interval OR 400 byte in length

  • Working Modes

– TCP Server / TCP Client

– UDP Server / UDP Client

– HTTPD Client

  • Client Count (TCP Server Mode)

– 1 to 16 Clients

  • Ethernet Electromagnetic Isolation

– 1.5KV

  • RS485 ESD Protection

– 2KV | 2.2KΩ Pull Up/Down Registers

  • Electrical Protection

– ESD Protection | Anti-Surge | Lightning-Proof

– Reverse Polarity Protection | Over-Current Protection

  • Extra Features

– Customised Heartbeat Packets

– Customised Registration Packets

– Customised Webpage

– RFC2217-like Protocol

– KeepAlive | Timeout Auto Reboot

– Short Connection

– Firmware Upgrade via Network

  • Dimensions

– 70 x 63.6 x 25mm


Additional Resources:


9MWSRS485ETH - User Manual

9MWSRS485ETH - RS485 to Ethernet Converter - User Manual

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