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Futaba S3003 Servo Motor



The Futaba S3003 Servo Motor is a light servo motor for RC vehicles – Capable of precision positional accuracy or continuous rotation at 0.19sec/60°.

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The Futaba S3003 Servo Motor is a small hobbyist servo motor capable of drawing high currents. It operates on a low voltage of between 4.8V and 6V, and is most commonly used for RC vehicles like planes, boats and quadcopters. Whilst typical Servo Motors are rotary or linear actuators designed for precision positioning, the Futaba S3003 can be modified for continuous rotation, providing strong torque with no limits to the angular or linear positioning.

This servo motor has a stall torque of between 3.2kg-cm and 4.2kg-cm depending on the supplied voltage, with a no-load speed of between 0.23sec/60° and 0.19sec/60°. This makes it ideal for use in RC Vehicle Kits, as the torque and speed can be adjustable mid-operation by altering the supplied voltage. So, whether you want to use it to spin rotors on a plane or copter, act as a pulley mechanism in small-scale robotics, or for any other common applications, the Futaba S3003 Servo Motor offers excellent power for a very affordable price.


Futaba S3003 Servo Motor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 4.8V to 6.0V                                                                 

  • No-Load Speed (4.8V)

– 0.23sec/60°

  • No-Load Speed (6.0V)

– 0.19sec/60°

  • Stall Torque (4.8V)

– 3.2kg.cm

  • Stall Torque (6.0V)

– 4.1kg.cm

  • Pulse Amplitude

– 3V to 5V

  • Operating Temperature

– -20 to +60°C

  • Continuous Rotation Modifiable

– Yes

  • Motor Type

– 3 Pole Ferrite

  • Gear Type

– Straight Cut Spear

  • Cable Length

– 150mm

  • Dimensions

– 40.7 x 19.7 x 42.9mm

  • Weight

– 37.2g


Typical Applications for the Futaba S3003 Servo Motor:

The Futaba S3003 Servo Motor is most often used for RC vehicles, as it can either operate wheels on land-based vehicles, or can be used to spin Rotor Blades and Propellers. However, it can also be used in Robotics, with relatively strong torque and precision positional accuracy, lending itself well to a wide range of robotics applications in addition to standard use cases for rotational accuracy and torque.


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Futaba S3003 Servo Motor

Futaba S3003 Servo Motor