DFRobot 2kg Clutch Servo - 300°, 2kg - Cover Expand

DFRobot 2kg Clutch Servo - 300°, 2kg

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These specialised 2kg Servo Motors feature an integrated Clutch for safer and more versatile functionality in robotics and other electronics projects.

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If you’ve ever looked at a cool little robot and seen it’s head swivelling from side to side while simultaneously looking up and down for full freedom of vision, then you’ve inadvertently experienced precisely what makes servo motors such fantastic components in the world of Hobbyist Electronics. Utilising PWM signals to control precise motions along a set rotational axis, servos can be used for applications that demand relatively high precision of motion, ready to deliver some relatively unique properties that would be more difficult (or expensive) to achieve with other types of motors.

These DFRobot 2kg Clutch Servos are a little different, even in the world of Servo Motors, as these offer a built-in clutch mechanism that not only protects the servo from damage, but also adds some cool benefits on top. Featuring a rotational angle of around 300° and a holding torque of 2kg, this servo is designed to not break or force itself too hard against opposing forces, but instead give way and activate the clutch when the resisting force reaches more than 2kg of torque. This translates to a motor than can grab, hold or pull on things with relatively high levels of strength, but without burning out or otherwise damaging itself when the load is too heavy or resistive.

Compared to standard servos, these Clutch Servos can be used for clever applications like creating a servo that picks out specifically weighted items from a sample box, while automatically dropping items that are too heavy, a robotic hand that can apply firm grip but not break the item its holding with too much force, or even just to replace a standard servo motor and give your use projects longer lifespans and more tolerance for minor faults. These


DFRobot 300° 2kg Clutch Servo  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Operating Voltage

– 4.8V to 6V DC

  • No-Load Current

– ≤120mA

  • Stall Current

– ≤800mA

  • Rated Torque

– 0.45kgf.cm @ 4.8V

– 0.55kgf.cm @ 6V

  • Stall Torque

– 1.6kgf.cm @ 4.8V

– 2kgf.cm @ 6V

  • Electronic Protection

– Auto Shutdown when Blocked for ≥5s

  • Operating Angle

– 300° (±10°)

  • Maximum Angle

– 360° (Manual Only)

  • Pulse Width Modulation

– 500 to 2500μs

  • PWM Neutral Position

– 1500μs

  • Dimensions

– 30.4 x 16.6 x 37mm


Typical Applications for DFRobot 300° 2kg Clutch Servos:

The unique clutch capabilities of this servo makes it perfect for robotics and other applications in which you don’t always know precisely how your motors are going to be used, such as with robotic hands, grabber claws and other projects that may be subject to brand new variables in each test run. In these situations, instead of having to carefully calibrate the servo motors according to what is being grabbed, for example, these clutch servo motors can apply the grip, employ the use of the clutch if the item being grabbed is too big, and hopefully still grab the object with a pretty strong force, rather than either burning out, breaking or letting go entirely as a typical servo might in the same situation.


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DFRobot 2kg Clutch Servo - 300°, 2kg

DFRobot 2kg Clutch Servo - 300°, 2kg

As self-proclaimed “Robo-holics”, DFRobot is a company comprised of over 100 staff members, of which 30% are engineers who love to build robots. It was started in 2008 with the goal of embracing and promoting open-source hardware, with a core focus on Arduino, Raspberry Pi and their very own LattePanda development boards. Since then, DFRobot have manufactured over 1300 unique modules, sensors and components that all work together and complement each other, allowing users like us to enjoy a full spectrum of cutting edge robotics and electronics without having to pay premium prices.

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