JX Servo PDI-HV2060MG Servo Motor - 180°, 46kg - Cover Expand

JX Servo PDI-HV2060MG Servo Motor - 180°, 46kg



The JX Servo PDI-HV2060MG is an extremely powerful and cost-effective Servo Motor that offers a beefy 46kg holding torque & 180° rotation.

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Playing with and using Servo Motors in Electronics is often an enjoyable experience, taking electronic signals and converting them into mechanical motion for all kinds of different projects. However, while Servos are definitely fun to play and experiment with, most Hobby Servos are quite small in size, and likewise don’t always have quite the level of power and force that we need as avid Makers, but fortunately servos come in all shapes and sizes, with these JX Servo PDI-HV2060MG Servo Motor being extremely powerful motors offering a whopping 46kg of holding torque and a nice 180° rotation – ensuring that you can have more than enough power for all of the demanding projects that standard servos simply can’t handle.

In terms of the electromechanical properties of this powerful servo motor, the PDI-HV2060MG is digitally controlled, and this ensures a quick response time and high precision even against counterforces, with a pretty low 4μs deadband and an operating frequency of 1520μs / 330Hz.  This translates to pure reliability for all servo related applications, with a reasonably quick speed that perfectly complements both the power and precision – resulting in a servo motor with very few noticeable weakness when compared to its strengths. So, if you love playing, experimenting and building with Servo Motors, but have been looking for a truly powerful servo to handle heavyweight projects, then we feel that this is the perfect motor that can help you step up from basic and truly take your projects to the next level.

Please Note: Although this servo is technically rated for 60kg.cm holding torque, upon testing, we have found that it’s actually closer to around 46kg.cm. As such, this is what we have rated the motor for, although you may certainly get a unit that offers slightly more than this too.


JX Servo PDI-HV2060MG 46kg Servo Motor  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– JX Servo                                                        

  • Model

– PDI-HV2060MG

  • Operating Voltage

– 6V to 7.4V DC

  • Control Mode

– Digital

  • Operating Speed (@ 6V)

– 0.17 sec/60°

  • Operating Speed (@ 7.4V)

– 0.15 sec/60°

  • Stall Torque (@ 6V)

– Rated: 48kg.cm

– Realistic: ±37kg.cm

  • Stall Torque (@ 7.4V)

– Rated: 62kg.cm

– Realistic: ±46kg.cm

  • Maximum Angle

– 180°

  • PWM Range

– 850 to 2150μs

  • Operating Frequency

– 1520μs / 330Hz

  • Deadband

– 4μs

  • Gears

– Metal

  • Bearings

– Dual Ball Bearing

  • Cable Length

– 265mm

  • Weight

– 200g

  • Dimensions

– 65 x 55 x 28mm


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JX Servo PDI-HV2060MG Servo Motor - 180°, 46kg

JX Servo PDI-HV2060MG Servo Motor - 180°, 46kg