TowerPro Micro 9 Gram Hobby Servo - SG90 Expand

TowerPro Micro 9 Gram Hobby Servo - SG90



Our Mini 9 Gram Hobby Servo SG90 is ideal for small projects that require precision control over angles, velocity, acceleration and linear positioning.

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Within the world of electronics, engineering and general tinkering, servomotors are a fantastic advancement of the standard style motor, as they offer more precision and control due to positional feedback sensors. This is ideal for projects in which angles, linear positions, velocities and accelerations need to be exact, which is why our Mini 9 Gram Hobby Servo is so popular for small to medium projects that need precision control within a compact space.

Please Note: This servo is limited to ±180° rotation when powered and operating, but can be turned 360° when it is not being powered. This is simply a design choice that utilises onboard programming instead of a locking pin, and should function exactly how you would expect a 180° servo to operate.


SG90 TowerPro Micro 9 Gram Hobby Servo  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Modulation

– Analog                                     

  • Torque

– 4.8V: 1.80 kg-cm

  • Speed

– 4.8V: 0.12 sec/60°

  • Motor Type

– 3-pole

  • Gear Type

– Plastic

  • Rotation/Support

– Bushing

  • Pulse Width

– 500-2400 µs

  • Connector Type

– JR

  • Dimensions

– 23 x 12.2 x 29mm

  • Weight

– 9.0 g


Typical Applications for these Mini 9 Gram Hobby Servos:

Rather than simply spinning in a rotational direction like some Standard DC Motors, many Servo Motors like our Mini 9 Gram Hobby Servo only rotate between 0° and 180°. This makes it practical for applications like precise robotic limb motion, rather than to spin a fan blade, and the tiny size complements its functionality in compact or small projects.

Within the world of Electronics tinkering and experimentation, some of the most applications for servomotors include:

  • Operating the linear motion of the extruder mechanism in RepRap 3D printers like the iPrusa range.
  • Precision control of robotic joints, to extend or contract limbs, pull, pick up or push objects, or to direct sensors in specific angles.
  • Integrating auto-focusing functionality into a camera or onto a lens for better clarity or optical focus.
  • Tracking sunlight and solar potential to adjust panels or solar-reactive objects for maximum solar-energy gains.

Despite its size, this SG90 servomotor is surprisingly powerful for its price, and is included in Arduino Kits thanks to its versatility and precision capabilities. These motors are also included in RepRap and iPrusa 3D Printer Kits as, when used in conjunction with timing belts, they are ideal for controlling the linear movements of extruders.


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TowerPro Micro 9 Gram Hobby Servo - SG90

TowerPro Micro 9 Gram Hobby Servo - SG90