Arduino UNO Proto Screw Shield Expand

Arduino UNO Proto Screw Shield



The Arduino UNO Proto Screw Shield is a modular expansion board designed to fit an Arduino UNO and provide screw-in terminals for easy connections.

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The Arduino UNO Proto Screw Shield is a clever little modular expansion board designed to fit the Arduino UNO and offer enhanced functionality through screw-in terminals. It is ideal for prototyping projects before committing to a design, while the screw-in terminals offer a secure fit for 20 gauge or smaller wires without the need for soldering. Between the terminals, there is also a proto-space for prototyping or adding extra components that can’t simply plug into the screw terminals, which is great to have even if you don’t plan on using the entire section.

The board is made by iTead, and despite being called the UNO Screw Shield can be used with the Arduino Duemilanove and MEGA as well. However, it may not fit perfectly since those boards are a different size to an UNO. This isn’t a problem though, as the pin layout is the same for all of these Arduino Boards, allowing it to be used in a wide range of different projects for easy prototyping or quick-switching terminal connections. These Arduino Shields also include a reset button and an LED for D13 pin indication, which is an extra benefit that adds convenience to the prototyping process.

Technical Specifications:

  • Arduino Compatibility

– UNO / Duemilanove / MEGA

  • Onboard Components

– Reset Button / D13 Pin LED

  • Screw Terminal Pitch

– 3.5mm

  • Operation Level

– Analog / Digital 3.3V / Digital 5V

  • Stackable

– No

  • Dimensions

– 69 x 63mm

  • Weight

– 50g


Typical Applications for the Arduino UNO Proto Screw Shield:

The Arduino UNO Proto Screw Shield is ideal for Prototyping new designs without the need for soldering or permanent connections. This enables you to test circuits before committing to anything, while allowing for quick and easy changes by simply inserting wires into the terminals and screwing them in. Additionally, the onboard Reset and D13 pin LED indicator helps to identify potential problems before they cause damage, while adding convenience to the prototyping and testing phases.

If you are also eager to do some more advanced Arduino prototyping, the shield features a full prototyping section, with basic through holes that you can solder components into and then wire them through to the pins. However, many of our customers simply purchase these shields for the screw-in terminals and the benefits associated, so don’t feel like you might be wasting money by not using the prototyping section, and instead simply consider it an extra bonus that comes over and above the screw-in terminals.

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Arduino UNO Proto Screw Shield

Arduino UNO Proto Screw Shield