ProtoShield with Breadboard - Advanced Expand

ProtoShield with Breadboard - Advanced



This Advanced Version of the ProtoShield is an upgrade from past iterations, designed for advanced users who want more from their prototyping shields.

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This Advanced Edition of the ProtoShield with Breadboard is a substantial improvement from past models like the ProtoShield Kit, and is designed for advanced users who love to prototype but need more space and functionality. It includes a range of minor improvements that allow for a more diverse range of Shields, components and modules to be installed on it, and also has integrated dedicated pins for specific modules like the Nokia 5110 LCD or the standard LCM 1602-based LCD Modules.

Similarly to the previous Basic ProtoShield with Breadboard, this model is capable of plugging directly onto the top of Arduino Boards like the UNO, Mega and Duemilanove, as well as other shields including additional ProtoShields. This allows you to stack up your boards and shields to near-silly heights, with each ProtoShield handling a different part of the entire project.

The board comes with a 170 Tie-Point Breadboard included, which can be stuck onto the top of the ProtoShield. In fact, the layout has actually been designed specifically to accommodate a small breadboard, with the precise amount of space available for it to fit in between all of the pin headers.


Technical Specifications:

  • Onboard Switches

– 2 (1 x Reset Button) + (1 x General “Test” Button)

  • Onboard LED’s

– 3 (1 x Power LED) + (2 x Test LED’s)

  • Arduino Compatibility

UNO / Mega / Duemilanove / Other Shields

  • Breadboard Tie-Points

– 170


Typical Applications for the ProtoShield with Breadboard - Advanced Edition:

The Advanced version of the ProtoShield with Breadboard is designed with Makers and prototypers in mind. As such, it features a plethora of different through-hole integrated circuits, predefined pin layouts for common Electronics Modules, as well as a good selection of onboard Components like a voltage regulator, status indicator LED’s, as well as power rails that run down the middle of the board. All of these features culminate into a truly diverse Prototyping shield, which can be used for a near-endless number of different projects while making the life of prototypers and Makers as easy as possible in every step of the process.

Please Note: This shield only includes a single 170-TP breadboard, and any other modules or components in the images are just for demonstration purposes.

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ProtoShield with Breadboard - Advanced

ProtoShield with Breadboard - Advanced