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Joypad Controller Shield V1.A for Arduino



This Arduino compatible Joypad Controller Shield V1.A offers the ultimate mini-console solution, with 7 buttons, a multi-directional joypad and LCD support.

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This Joypad Controller Shield V1.A for Arduino is a PCB that has been designed like an old gaming console controller. It features the standard 4-button (A, B, C and D) primary input layout, a multi-directional joystick with centre-button, as well as the start and select button positioned in between them, and is ready for to accommodate almost any kind of input-based project.

Aside from being an intuitive and easy-to-use human interfacing module, this Joypad Controller Shield also has a few other features that make it a valuable investment for anyone who loves to make their own devices, gadgets and games. It is natively compatible with Arduino Boards as well as many other Development Platforms, with an onboard switch to change between 3.3V and 5V input, and can simply plug directly into the top of an Arduino or similar microcontroller board - with all of the necessary pins automatically lining up with the right slots on the dev’ board.

And to top it all off and add even more value to this simple, inexpensive but highly versatile controller module, the joypad shield also offers native compatibility with the ever-popular Nokia 5110 Display Modules as well as many of the 1602-based displays. In fact, this controller module even has ultra-low power wireless capabilities that allow it to become wireless and portable if a Battery Pack is integrated into the project. This makes it not only one of the easiest ways to integrate human interfacing into projects, but also one of the most affordable and fun ways to let people (or yourself) take control of your project in a novel yet familiar way.


Joypad Controller Shield V1.A  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 3.3V or 5V DC

  • Wireless Capabilities

– nRF24L01 RF interface

  • Dev’ Board Compatibility

– Arduino / Raspberry PiOthers

  • Native Display Compatibility

– Nokia 5110 Display / 1602 LCD Display          

  • Included Joypad

– X-Y Joystick (Based on X-Y Values)

  • Onboard Buttons

– 4 x Primary Buttons

– 1 x Start Button / 1 x Select Button

– X-Y Joypad Press Button


Typical Applications for the Joypad Controller Shield V1.A for Arduino:

This Joypad Controller Shield V1.A is primarily designed for Arduino development platforms, but can be used with almost any electronics project as long as you have a way to interpret the numerous buttons and directional inputs. This enables it to be used for an incredibly wide range of applications, and can be programmed to act as a customised gaming console controller, a novel input method for your media station, or even a unique musical instrument based on old games and 8-bit sounds.

Regardless of what you want this Input Module to control, it is very adaptable to whatever project you are eager to utilise it for. With four primary buttons, a multi-directional joystick with middle button, as well as the classic start and select buttons - with the option to incorporate key-modifiers within the coding - this controller shield is one of the most diverse and multi-functional input modules that we have ever had the pleasure of stocking.


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Joypad Controller Shield V1.A for Arduino

Joypad Controller Shield V1.A for Arduino