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The Arduino-compatible Data Logger Shield captures and stores readings from sensors and other inputs, with a DS1307-based Real Time Clock for timestamps.

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The Arduino-compatible Data Logger Shield is an expansion board built to monitor and log data, while providing time stamps to show precisely when specific data is logged. This can be a wide range of different data types, such as readings from Electronic Sensors, serial data, bit timings and almost any other decipherable digital values. The on-board DS1307 chip and long-life battery also ensures that these timestamps will remain precise for up to 7 years even when unplugged from external power.

This Shield comes with a built-in 3.3V regulator, which protects the circuit and SD cards from possible damage, while being able to power a wide range of different size and model cards – even those with higher power requirements than standard cards. It communicates via the I2C and ICSP/SPI ports and is compatible with the Arduino UNO R3 layout, which means that it can also work with most other R3-based boards as well. Additionally, it supports both FAT 16 and FAT 32 formatted cards, making it one of the most diverse data loggers on the market.

For Makers who simply love Prototyping, you will be pleased to see a large prototyping area on the top of this Shield, which has been specially placed for adding your own components. This feature, as well as those mentioned above, make this Shield ideal for all kinds of Makers. Whether you are prototyping or simply want to log important data within your machine or system, the Data Logger Shield is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Please Note: The CR1220 3V Battery and the SD Card is not included with the Data Logger Shield, and as such you will need to purchase these alongside the shield if you don't already have spare batteries or SD cards. We have provided options for SD Cards, adapters and the necessary batteries in the "Accessories" section below this description.


Data Logger Shield  -  Technical Specifications:

  • SD Card Type

– Standard SD (Full-Sized)                                       

  • SD Card Format

– FAT 16, FAT 32

  • Communication Ports


  • Real Time Clock (RTC) Chip

– DS1307

  • RTC Lifetime (Unplugged)

– Up to 7 Years

  • Included Libraries

– SD + RTC

  • Circuit Protection

– 3.3V Level Shifter + Regulator

  • Free Prototyping Points

– 111

  • On-Board Controls

– RESET Button


Data Logger Shield  -  Arduino Compatibility Table:

  • Arduino UNO or ATMega328

– 4 Analog Channels at 10 bit resolution, 6 if RTC is not used

  • Arduino Leonardo or ATMega32u4

– 12 Analog Channels at 10 bit resolution

  • Arduino Mega or ATMega2560

– 16 Analog Inputs (10-bit)

  • Arduino Zero or ATSAMD21

– 6 Analog Inputs (12-bit)

  • Arduino Due

– 12 Analog Inputs (12-bit)


Typical Applications for the Data Logger Shield:

The Arduino-compatible Data Logger Shield has been specially designed to work with a wide range of Arduino Boards and Arduino-based clones, and comes with everyone you need to get started right away, including necessary SD and RTC libraries. As such, many Makers, both beginner and advanced, have enjoyed these Arduino Shields for projects such as:

  • Building a Trick or Treat basket for your kids (or yourself!) to track the GPS coordinates and candy-quantities of candy-hunting adventures – To keep track of which houses or neighbourhoods gave the most tasty treats.
  • Creating a temperature and soil-moisture tracker for a greenhouse that keeps track of precise temperatures and levels of moisture – Either for growing healthier plants or for experimentation and research.
  • Designing a tracker for stores and retail outlets to monitor consumer behaviour and provide insights into how to serve them better – With lunch time specials or other ideas based on their preferred shopping habits.

Hopefully these examples show you that this Data Logger Shield can be utilized for pretty much any application. From commercial business benefits to simple improvements to your life or hobbies at home, the Arduino-compatible Data Logger Shield is a great investment for tracking and logging data for greater insights at work, home, or anywhere else.


Additional Coding/Library Notes: This data logger shield is an older version, so if you are struggling with getting the Arduino libraries to work properly, please take a look at this quick guide on installing the older libraries instead:


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Data Logger Shield

Data Logger Shield