Ethernet Shield W5100R3 Expand

Ethernet Shield W5100R3



The Ethernet Shield W5100 R3 is a modular expansion, which provides internet capabilities and 4 simultaneous socket connections over UDP and TCP.

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The Ethernet Shield W5100 is a modular Arduino expansion Shield, and is capable of providing Arduino or Genuino projects with internet capabilities via a standard RJ-45 Ethernet jack. Being modular in design, it can plug directly onto the top of Arduino Boards, and can also have other modules stacked on top of it – ensuring there’s no waste or space inefficiencies when Prototyping new internet-capable devices or machines.

This Shield utilizes the Wiznet W5100 which is capable of both UDP and TCP IP connections, and allows for up to 4 simultaneous socket connections. This, coupled with an on-board Micro SD card slot to store, pass and share data, can allow this Shield to act as an online server – capable of connecting with up to four different machines and devices to integrate them into a single internet-based system, which all work together and share necessary information with each other.

Whether you are building your own custom smart phone or simply want your automated cupboard to be able to order more toilet paper when it’s running out, the Ethernet Shield W5100 is all you need to make it happen. Simply plug the Shield onto existing projects and provide sketches via the SD Library or Ethernet Library to open up a whole new world of possibilities for your projects at home and work.

Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Voltage

– 5V (Typical Arduino Board Supply)

  • Ethernet Controller

– W5100 with Internal 16K Buffer

  • Connection Speed

– 10 / 100Mb

  • Simultaneous Socket Connections

– 4

  • Ethernet Connection

– Standard RJ-45

  • IP Stack Capabilities


  • Memory

– Micro SD Card Slot

  • Arduino Connection

– SPI Port

  • Arduino Compatibility

– UNO, Nano, Mega 1280/2560, Duemilanove 168/382

  • Dimensions

– 5.4 x 7.4 x 2.4mm

  • Weight

– 24.2g


Typical Applications for the Ethernet Shield W5100R3:

The Ethernet Shield W5100 was designed with one purpose in mind – to provide internet capabilities for Arduino and Genuino projects in a simple, modular and easy-to-use manner. As such, a large majority of all projects involving this Arduino Shield will simply be connecting existing projects to the World Wide Web. However, with that being said, Makers have certainly come up with some interesting ideas on how to use this Shield, with a few of these ideas including:

  • Connecting automated home systems to the internet and allowing random strangers on the net to control some of the appliances or electronics within a home – Making life at home more spontaneous as strangers turn lights, radios or other devices on and off at seemingly random times.
  • Giving pets their own feeding button, monitored over the web by the owner, who can choose to approve or reject the button’s press – Allowing for pets to ask for food whenever they are hungry, while the owner can ensure it never over-eats.
  • Building a doorbell that calls the home-owner via voice-call when someone rings, allowing for face-to-face communications with visitors before opening the door – and without having to leave the couch.

These are simply a few of the fun ideas that Makers have explored with the Ethernet Shield W5100, and hopefully they are enough to help you think of your own unique ideas as well. So consider acquiring one of these modular expansions for your Arduino or Genuino projects to take them to the next level with internet capabilities.

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Ethernet Shield W5100R3

Ethernet Shield W5100R3