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The Arduino Mega Proto Shield Kit is the ideal kit for prototyping custom designed Shields and boards – Includes headers, LEDs, buttons and resistors.

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When comes to Arduino Prototyping and experimenting with electronics, there are few kits better than the Arduino Mega Proto Shield Kit – which comes with a Mega-sized PCB, an almost excessive amount of connection points, and a few extra components to kick a prototyping project into action.

The components that come with this kit include a row strip of 40 long headers, an 18×2 header block, three coloured LEDs (Red, Green and Yellow), two soft-press buttons, as well as three sets of five resistors of 220 Ohm, 1K Ohm and 10K Ohm. With this basic setup, you can begin your prototyping phase by soldering on two of the LEDs, two of the resistors, as well as one of the buttons and the power source – creating a basic circuit with LEDs indicating on/off status. From here, you can create any circuit you want, and can either choose to build your own microcontroller platform, or perhaps build custom Arduino Shields for already existing projects.

One of the great advantages of the Arduino Mega Proto Shield Kit is that the PCB is natively capable of fitting most large Arduino boards, including the ever-powerful Arduino Mega 2560, making your prototypes very easy to integrate into existing Arduino projects. Simply utilize the header pins along the side to modularly ‘plug in’ to the top of Arduino Boards and get your prototype Shield integrated within moments. You may also want to look at our Arduino Kits, which contain boards and components necessary for getting a running start into electronics, or for bolstering the ever-growing growing toolbox of a veteran Maker.


The Arduino Mega Proto Shield Kit Includes:

  • 1 x Mega Proto Shield PCB
  • 2 x Soft-Press Buttons                                      
  • 1 x Row Strip of 40 Long Headers
  • 5 x 220Ω Resistors
  • 1 X 18×2 Header Block
  • 5 x 1KΩ Resistors
  • 3 x LEDs (Red, Green, Yellow)
  • 5 x 10KΩ Resistors


Typical Applications for the Arduino Mega Proto Shield Kit:

The Arduino Mega Proto Shield Kit was designed specifically for prototyping brand new boards or Shields, with unique and custom-designed functionality. This means that they are often used for a wide range of applications, depending of course on what Makers want to prototype. This list, however, explains a few of the exciting projects you could enjoy with the Mega Proto Shield Kit:

  • Building your own custom Shield that accomplishes a unique task which other Shields (or your budget) can’t achieve.
  • Designing a prototype board or Shield that combines a unique set of components, such as a seismograph with a data logger and WiFi capabilities.
  • Creating a Shield or Breakout Board to cater to your project’s specific needs and eliminate redundancies or remove unnecessary parts within a system.

The applications for this Proto Shield Kit are truly endless in the right hands, which is what makes prototyping of this kind so exciting. If your eager to kick off your prototyping hobby or career with a running start, consider the Arduino Mega Proto Shield Kit or any of our other pre-packaged Arduino Kits.


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Arduino Mega Proto Shield Kit

Arduino Mega Proto Shield Kit