L298N H-Bridge Stepper Motor Shield Expand

L298N H-Bridge Stepper Motor Shield



The L298N H-Bridge Stepper Motor Shield is designed to drive inductive loads like relays, solenoids and motors – An affordable driver for Arduino projects.

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The L298N H-Bridge Stepper Motor Shield is an expansion module designed to be easily integrated into Arduino Board projects, and accepts standard TTL logic level control signals to drive inductive loads like solenoids, relays and motors. Affectionately labelled the “MotoMama”, this Arduino Shield excels at driving motors, and can drive either two DC motors in varying direction, or a single 4-phase stepper motor.

This module has also been designed with open-source Arduino in mind, and is capable of easily integrating into existing projects, with the ability to connect with an external safety sensor as well. Whether you want to control relays for a high-voltage circuit, motors for an RC car, or solenoids for electromagnetic security doors, this Shield offers an extremely easy way to do so – without you having to source components and prototype circuitry.

Being part of the Arduino open-source range, this Shield is compatible with most standard Arduino Boards, and can also be upgraded with further features like WiFi capability. This is excellent for Makers who enjoy Prototyping, as this Shield won’t be a one-trick-pony, and you can instead move it from project to project, with it driving different components each time.

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Datasheet for Shield

Schematic for Shield

Datasheet for L298N driver

Arduino Test Code 

Technical Specifications:

  • Chipset

– L298N

  • Operating Voltage

– 7 to 15V DC

  • FED Protection

– Yes

  • Pulse Protection

– Yes

  • RoHS Compliant

– Yes

  • Communication Interfaces

– XBee, nRF24L01+, UART, IIC

  • On-Board Indicators

– PWR, Motor direction x 2

  • PCB Size

– 80.36mm X 56.12mm X 1.6mm


Typical Applications for the L298N H-Bridge Stepper Motor Shield:

The L298N H-Bridge Stepper Motor Shield, although specifically designed to drive brushed DC motors and stepper motors, can drive many types of inductive loads, which includes solenoids and relays as well. This of course makes the shield quite diverse, as it can be utilized to drive or operate almost any projects with such inductive loads – meaning you can move it to different projects as well if necessary.

Because of this diverse nature, the L298N H-Bridge Stepper Motor Shield is often used for projects like:

  • Building RC vehicles, with the Motor Shield driving the wheels with two DC motors.
  • Creating basic robotics, like cranes or small robots with stepper motors.
  • Designing a safe circuit to turn on or off a high-voltage circuit with relays – to ensure no leaks or dangerous amounts of electricity can reach the user.
  • Upgrading a home with electromagnetic access, which can respond to user location via WiFi or with key card access.

These are just a few of the basic ways in which the L298N H-Bridge Stepper Motor Shield is used within typical projects. However, it can work in any Arduino-based project involving inductive loads, and is not only a reliable Shield, but also a very affordable Shield for the many benefits it offers.

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L298N H-Bridge Stepper Motor Shield

L298N H-Bridge Stepper Motor Shield