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Arduino CNC Shield

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The Arduino CNC Shield is an easy to install expansion for the Arduino UNO board – allowing for precision control of up to four stepper motors via GRBL.

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The Arduino CNC Shield is a modularly-designed expansion for the Arduino UNO R3, which expands on the functionality of the UNO board and converts digital signals into computerized numerical control values (or CNC values). These can be utilized for CNC machines to cut, drill, bore or mill materials via accurately controlled Stepper Motors.

What makes the Arduino CNC Shield a great investment, when compared to custom-designed boards, is that they are extremely easy to use, and can simply plug directly onto the top of a standard Arduino UNO board. After this easy installation, makers can utilize freely available GRBL software to create HEX files and upload control specifications directly to the Arduino board. These HEX files, in conjunction with the functionality of the CNC shield, will control the stepper motors with precision – allowing makers to create their own drilling, milling and cutting CNC machines at home.

Our Arduino CNC Shield is compatible with all standard Arduino UNO boards and can connect to up to four stepper motors. It provides microstepping selection pins for each of the Motors and is 100% compatible with GRBL software. Additionally, it has Max and Min endstop pins as well as spindle and coolant pins for greater control, while the emergency stop pin helps protect the components and system from excessive damage if faults arise.


Arduino CNC Shield  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Board Compatibility

– Arduino UNO R3

  • GRBL Compatibility

– 0.8c

  • Stepper Driver Compatibility

– A4988

  • Operating Voltage

– 12 to 36V (Depending on Drivers)

  • Number of Stepper Motor Connections

– 4 x 4-Pin Molex Connectors

  • Microstepping Selection Pins

– 4

  • Additional Pins

– Max; Min; Spindle; Coolant; Limit Switch; Emergency Stop


Typical Applications for the Arduino CNC Shield:

The Arduino CNC Shield is designed for use in CNC, in which stepper motors accurately control a drill, cutting device, laser, engraver or other type of milling tool. As such, most of the projects involving this module are related to CNC programming and machining, and projects you could try at home include:

  • Building your own CNC machine to drill holes, shapes or names into wood.
  • Creating a laser cutting or engraving machine that cuts plastics or engraves metals.
  • Converting a CNC machine from Parallel Port to Arduino and GRBL – allowing you to control the machine from your computer or mobile device.
  • Crafting a 3D scanning table for scanning in precise models of objects – or yourself.

However, as ideas progress and GRBL is upgraded, so too will the possibilities for the Arduino CNC Shield. So try some of these projects yourself. You may be surprised at how easy they can become with the modularly designed Arduino CNC Shield.


Extra Resources:

Arduino CNC Shield Setup Instructions

GitHub Official GRBL Development


grbl shield

Pin headers were dead straight. Very pleased with the quality


Will work, but it would be nice if the sockets were soldered in straight, I had to reflow nearly all of them on both boards I bought.

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Arduino CNC Shield

Arduino CNC Shield