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Siraya Tech Build Resin – Smoky Black 1 Litre

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Siraya Tech Build Resin is one of the best choices for Engineer Makers for its high precision, minimal warping, and easily tappable for creating threaded holes.

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When looking at the difference between FDM Printing with 3D Filaments and the more modern DLP & SLA Printing with 3D Resins, it’s quite obvious even at a glance that 3D Resin Printing is definitely capable of a much higher level of quality and precision, and this is primarily due to the fact that instead of relying on heated particles, it uses optics and UV light along with high resolution masking displays or precision lasers to cure UV Reactive Resins with extreme accuracy. However, while 3D resins are typically capable of achieving a higher level of print “quality”, the mechanical strengths of 3D Resins often can’t even compare to the strengths of filament-based prints. This is why awesome brands like Siraya Tech have dedicated themselves to create unique polymer blends to cater to this common problem, with Siraya Tech Build being one of the many great examples of 3D Resins that are not only excellent for 3D Printing precision and detail quality, but also for mechanical strengths in real world applications too.

The most ground-breaking feature of Siraya Tech Build Resin is that it is tappable. This means your finished model will have a unique blend of hardness and flexibility, capable of handling the tapping process of a screw and preserving the grooves it creates. True to its name, Siraya Tech Build Resin is an exciting material to create parts for engineering and Electronics projects for the fact that you can “build” your design purely out of 3D Resin Prints using reliable screws instead of super glue. With low shrinkage and warping, Siraya Tech Build Resin is still relatively easy to print, making it a great choice for models and tabletop miniatures strong enough to handle accidental drops from time to time.

This 1 Litre of Siraya Tech Build Resin comes in a colour called Smoky Black which refers to its beautifully opaque black that also has a ghostly grey appearance and a relatively high level of transparency. While an interesting finish in its own right, Siraya Tech Smoky Black Build Resin is fantastic for easy post-processing including the use of primers and paints. Let your imagination sore and create awesome electronics enclosures and even cool cosplay gear with this Siraya Tech Smoky Black Build Resin. We cannot wait to see your 3D Creations shared with the DIY Community!


Siraya Tech Build Smoky Black Resin - Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

Siraya Tech                                                                         

  • Resin Range

– Build

  • Colour

– Smoky Black

  • Volume

– 1 Litre

  • UV Reactivity Range

– 395 to 405nm

  • Solidification Time (Initial Layers)

– ±12 Seconds

  • Density (g/cm3)

– 1.11 to 1.15

  • Expected Shrinkage (%)

– 6

  • Tensile Strength (MPa)

– 50

  • Flexural Modulus (MPa)

– 1050

  • Elongation at Break (%)

– 8

  • Hardness (Shore D)

– 85

  • Ideal Printing Temperature

– >25°C

  • Heat Deflection Temperature

– 74°C


Additional Resources:

  • Because Siraya Tech understand just how tricky 3D Resin Printing can be, they have provided a number of handy Siraya Tech User Guides for their 3D Resins. Be sure to check this out to get a good idea of what settings to use, and how to get good quality from the get-go without having to go through blind trial and error.

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Siraya Tech Build Resin – Smoky Black 1 Litre

Siraya Tech Build Resin – Smoky Black 1 Litre