Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery V1.0 Expand

Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery V1.0

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The Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery offers 5V 5A or 12V 8A output from up to 100W solar input – Ideal for IoT and portable projects.

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This Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery V1.0 is a DFRobot Original product that has been designed with all of the fancy bells and whistles you could imagine. Manufactured specifically with IoT, portability and solar power in mind, the module offers two power input methods and four power output ports so as to accommodate a wide range of different applications.

For power input, this module accepts 12V Lead Acid Battery, AC Adapter, as well as Solar Panel supply, while for output this module offers two 5V 2.5A USB ports (USB1 and USB2) as well as 5V 5A OUT1 and 12V 8A OUT2 screw terminals. However, the USB1, USB2 and OUT1 outputs all share a maximum 5A drive with 8A peak drive, but as long as you don’t overload these with more than 40W simultaneous draw, you can power up to three devices, modules or components from battery or Solar Power without concern.

Finally, just to add the cherry on top of an already feature-rich cake, each of the input/output ports is also complemented by a full range of safety and protection features, including overcharge and overdischarge protection for the batteries, as well as backflow, reverse connection, short circuit and overheating protection for all of the different ports on the board. These help to protect you as a user, but also keeps your batteries and connected Electronics Modules safe from unexpected damage – which is especially important when dealing with variable solar power.

Note: If you're looking for a similar type of solar charging module, but for Lithium batteries instead of Lead-Acid, check out our Solar Power Manager for 9V/12V/18V Panels.


Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery V1.0  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Solar Power Management IC

– CN3767

  • Solar/AC Adapter Input Voltage (SOLAR IN)

– 15V to 25V DC

  • Battery Input (BAT IN)

– 12V DC (Lead-Acid Battery)

  • Charge Current

– 4A Max Trickle Charge | CC/CV | Four-Stage Float Charging                                

  • Float Charge Voltage

– 13.55V

  • Over-discharge Protection Voltage

– 10.8V

  • Solar Charge Average Efficiency

– (18V SOLAR IN): 94%

  • MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking)

– 18V Fixed

  • Power Outputs
    – OUT1, USB1 and USB2 Share a 5A Drive with 8A Peak
    – Never exceed 40W Simultaneous Draw

– OUT1 : 5V 5A

– OUT2 : 12V 8A

– USB1 : 5V 2.5A

– USB2 : 5V 2.5A

  • Apple 2.4A

– DP = 2.7V | DM = 2.7V

  • SAMSUNG 2.0A

– DP = 1.2V | DM = 1.2V

  • BC1.2

– DP = DM = 0V (Short)

  • Efficiency: OUT1 / USB1 / USB2

– 93% @ 50% Load

  • Efficiency: OUT2

– 98% @ 50% Load

  • Quiescent Current

– <4mA

  • Protection Functions: SOLAR IN

– Backflow / Reverse Connection

  • Protection Functions: BAT IN

– Over-Discharge / Over-Charge / Reverse Connection

  • Protection Functions: OUT1-2 / USB1-2

– Short Circuit / Over Current / Overheat

  • Safe Operational Temperatures

– -40° to +85°C

  • Dimensions

– 68 x 68mm


Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery V1.0  -  Included Parts:

  • 1 x Sunflower: Solar Power Manager Micro
  • 1 x Aluminium Cooling Fin – 14x14x7mm
  • 3 x Black Jumpers
  • 1 x Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad – 14x14x7mm
  • 1 x Set of M3 Screws & Mounting Pillars
  • 1 x Aluminium Cooling Fin – 50x50x12.7mm
  • 1 x Terminal  to Female DC Jack Adapter
  • 1 x Thermal Conductive Silicone Pad – 50x50x12.7mm 


Typical Applications for Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery V1.0:

The wide range of functionality and diverse power input/output options make the Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery V1.0 an amazing tool for any Maker or Electronics enthusiast, allowing users to utilise batteries and solar power to provide clean, regulated power at varying voltages to power projects or charge the connected batteries. This means your project can operate on solar power during the day, while charging the batteries that will be used to power your project at night – creating a sustainable, long-lasting project that is ideal for IoT or other low-power low-maintenance projects.

As a final note, please be sure to check out the final image above to see where to install the small cooling fin.


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Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery V1.0

Solar Power Manager for 12V Lead-Acid Battery V1.0

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