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Vacuum Solder Sucker Pen



This nifty little desoldering pen creates a vacuum to suck up liquid solder, to fix small mistakes or remove solder when you need to repair circuits.

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Soldering is an invaluable skill for any Electronics enthusiast or hobbyist, as it allows you to build your own circuits with strong, solid connections to effectively wrangle electronics and get them to the components that they need to power. However, small mistakes are not uncommon, but can lead to wasted time and effort in trying to remove Solder from where you don’t want it to be. Fortunately, Handy Tools like these Vacuum Solder Sucker Pens exist to make your life much easier, by creating a strong vacuum that literally sucks up the solder, after which you can safely deposit it in a vat or onto a Soldering Mat without worrying about damaging nearby components or potentially burning a finger.

The product works in a simple mechanical way, in which you press down the plunger and then press a button to release the plunger upwards. This in turn creates a vacuum within the pen chamber, which pulls in any liquid solder, where it’s safely stored until you push it out later. This can save you a lot of time, effort and heartache in case of a Soldering mistake, and can also offer real convenience when it comes time to repair circuits and replace Electronics Components.


Vacuum Solder Sucker Pen  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Chamber Material

– Metal

  • Grip Material

– Injection Moulded Plastic


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