TS100 Soldering Tip - B2 Rounded Conical Tip - Cover Expand

TS100 Soldering Tip - B2 Rounded Conical Tip

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The TS100 B2 Tip is a rounded, conical soldering tip for general soldering work, offering reasonably good precision for small to moderate components.

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We’re quite sure you’re well aware of it by now, but we absolutely love the MiniDSO TS100 Soldering Iron from Miniware, and have made sure to not only stock these beautiful tools, but also stock a range of other TS100 Accessories as well, with a particular focus on Soldering Tips.

This TS100 Soldering Tip is a B2 Rounded Conical Tip that has been designed specifically for the TS100, and offers a nice standardised type of tip for general Soldering applications. It is rounded and conical in shape, making it a great choice for small components that are quite tough to get to, although it’s not necessarily specialised for small components, and the reasonably large rounded tip is good for almost any small to moderate components.

The tip replacement process is really easy for the TS100, and you simply have to loosen a small grub screw unit above the installed tip, remove the tip, insert whichever tip you would like to use, tighten up the grub screw again, and then BLAM! You’re ready to solder again with your new tip style.

If you’re looking for other types of TS100 Tips, such as bevel tips, chisel tips or precision tips, be sure to check out our Soldering Accessories category to find the one that best suits your common soldering needs.


TS100 B2 Rounded Conical Soldering Tip  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Tip Series

– TS-B2                                                                    

  • Tip Type

– Conical | Rounded

  • Soldering Iron Compatibility

MiniDSO TS100 Soldering Iron

  • Welding Tip Length

– 10mm

  • Material Composition

– Steel | Ceramic

  • Heating Core

– Integrated

  • Weight

– 10.5g

  • Total Length

– 105mm


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Guangzhou e-Design Intelligent Technology, or more affectionately known as Miniware to us electronics enthusiasts, is the brand that created the awesome TS100 Soldering Iron, and this single item is what helped them rapidly grow in popularity, due to the impressive quality coupled with fancy features – all in a beautifully portable design that can even be powered by LiPo Cell Packs!

Although Miniware remained somewhat unknown before the launch of the TS100, they have actually been involved in electronics design since as far back as 2000, and they hold the title of being the first in the world to design a portable handheld oscilloscope in 2009. Since then, however, Miniware has been rapidly gaining popularity due to the impressive level of quality and sophistication of each their awesome products, and how they manage to fit even more features and functionality into their handheld devices than many of the popular desktop devices within the same price range.

With almost every single one of their awesome products being a truly valuable addition to almost any workshop space, Miniware are one of our favourite brands. And while they certainly don’t release new products often, we simply love to get new goodies in from the moment they are prototyped, so that we can enjoy the awesome new features (both novel and functional) that they have chosen to integrate.