New M-Stand Soldering Iron Holder for TS100 / TS80 / TS80P - Cover Expand

M-Stand Soldering Iron Holder for TS100 / TS80 / TS80P

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The M-Stand is a tiny stand for the Miniware soldering irons, so you can rest your soldering iron on any surface or without stressing about burns.

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As anyone who owns a TS100 or TS80 Soldering Iron will know, Miniware’s range of soldering irons are amazing tools for all kinds of electronics Makers, from those just starting out and looking for reliable tools to use for lightweight projects, all the way through to experts to modify and repair boards for a living. However, if there’s one thing that always leaves owners of these Soldering Irons a little concerned, it’s that they don’t come with one of the classic soldering iron holsters such as those on larger soldering stations. Fortunately though, this is a relatively minor problem, since the soldering iron tip should typically rest a fair distance from any surface that you rest your soldering iron on, but if you want to play it safe and avoid any chances of burning or marking your table or other surface, then you will very likely be interested in the M-Stand, which is a very simple but elegant solution that gives your TS100, TS80 or TS80P a nice little place to rest, with a nice and safe distance from the surface that its resting on.

The M-Stand Soldering Iron Holder is an extremely simple little tool that is essentially just a bent piece of metal wire that is shaped to fit around your soldering iron, and provide two little legs to stand on. This helps to prevent any chances of burning or permanently marking a table or other surface, and if you don’t (yet) have a Silicone Soldering Mat, or if you’re working away from your usual workspace, then this little stand lets you simply rest your iron wherever you need with absolute peace of mind. Made from a durable yet malleable stainless steel wire and designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, the M-Stand Soldering Iron Holder is the perfect Soldering Accessory for your most important tool in electronics and Soldering.


M-Stand Soldering Iron Holder for TS100  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Supplier


  • Soldering Iron Compatibility

– TS100 | TS80 | TS80P

  • Material Composition

– Stainless Steel

  • Colour

– Silver/Steel

  • Weight (Packaged)

– 3g

  • Weight (M-Stand)

– ±2g

  • Dimensions

– 34 x 28.5mm


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M-Stand Soldering Iron Holder for TS100 / TS80 / TS80P

M-Stand Soldering Iron Holder for TS100 / TS80 / TS80P

Guangzhou e-Design Intelligent Technology, or more affectionately known as Miniware to us electronics enthusiasts, is the brand that created the awesome TS100 Soldering Iron, and this single item is what helped them rapidly grow in popularity, due to the impressive quality coupled with fancy features – all in a beautifully portable design that can even be powered by LiPo Cell Packs!

Although Miniware remained somewhat unknown before the launch of the TS100, they have actually been involved in electronics design since as far back as 2000, and they hold the title of being the first in the world to design a portable handheld oscilloscope in 2009. Since then, however, Miniware has been rapidly gaining popularity due to the impressive level of quality and sophistication of each their awesome products, and how they manage to fit even more features and functionality into their handheld devices than many of the popular desktop devices within the same price range.

With almost every single one of their awesome products being a truly valuable addition to almost any workshop space, Miniware are one of our favourite brands. And while they certainly don’t release new products often, we simply love to get new goodies in from the moment they are prototyped, so that we can enjoy the awesome new features (both novel and functional) that they have chosen to integrate.