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Solder Flux Liquid 1l



These 1L bottles of No Clean Solder Flux Liquid leave a minimal, safe residue that is non-conductive and Halide-free for optimal soldering convenience.

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This NCF 101 No Clean Solder Flux Liquid comes in 1L bottles and is designed to make Electronics Soldering as easy and convenient as possible. The liquid is formulated to dissolve oxides from the PCB and components, which helps to improve the solder connection by removing impurities and negating any chances of oxidation through the surrounding air. It ensures that you have a clean soldering terminal to connect components to, and leaves almost no residue on the PCB or Electronics Components.

The bottle is relatively plain, with very little branding on it. But don’t stress about the aesthetics of this product, however, as it was designed with the core focus of providing a quality product - without wasting any additional costs on fancy packaging or aesthetically pleasing designs. This is why, despite the plain bottle design, we choose to utilise only this solder flux for our Electronics, as it has been manufactured for soldering enthusiasts who care about results, rather than the shape, colours or graphics on the container.

Please Note: This Solder Flux Liquid is highly flammable, so do be careful of open flames and electrical sparks when using it.


Solder Flux Liquid  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Appearance

– Clear / Yellowish

  • Solids Content

– 2.2%

  • Specific Gravity @20 °C

– 0.800+/-.005

  • Acid Number (mg KOH/g)

– 17+/-1.0

  • Flash Point (T.C.C)

– 16°C


Typical Applications for NCF 101 - No Clean Solder Flux Liquid:

These bottles of NCF 101 No Clean Solder Flux Liquid are an ideal option if you want improve the quality of your electronics soldering. It helps to remove impurities, dissolve oxidants and reduce the chances of oxidation by insulating the metal terminals and pins from the outside air. It is specially formulated to leave almost no residue, and the slight residue that is left after soldering is non-conductive and non-corrosive. These features make this solder flux liquid a truly valuable tool for a workshop or electronics workbench, with almost no extra hassles required to utilise it to its full effect.

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Solder Flux Liquid 1l

Solder Flux Liquid 1l