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The 48W ZD99 Solder Station is the perfect tool for small-scale electronics repairs, assembly and component replacement.

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When repairing electronics or prototyping your own designs, Soldering Irons are invaluable tools to help you remove, replace or install small components. This is why we stock the Solder Station ZD99 48W, which is similar to our ZD932 Soldering Station but also offers a few extra benefits as well. This soldering station is temperature controlled, capable of reaching and maintaining steady temperatures of between 150°C and 450°C, and includes a neat and simple soldering pen holder with a brush pad below.

The heater of this solder station runs at 48W, which ensures that the pen heats up to your chosen temperature quickly. It also has interchangeable tips, even though the standard 1.2mm tip included is ideal for typical soldering applications. This tip can be replaced by a 0.5mm, 1.5mm or 2mm tip as well, for cases in which you need smaller or larger tips. These features all culminate into a fantastic tool for repairing, replacing or prototyping Electronics, and make it a great addition to any hobbyist’s workbench.


Solder Station ZD99 48W  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Soldering Tip

– Standard 1.2mm (Included)             

  • Heater Power

– 48W

  • Temperature Control

– 150° to 450°C

  • Voltage Supply

– 220-240V AC

  • On/Off Switch

– Yes

  • Weight

– 590g


Typical Applications for the Solder Station ZD99 48W:

Similar to most other soldering stations, the ZD99 48W Solder Station is ideal for electronics, for cases in which you need to assemble, replace or repair electronics. It is also invaluable to have at your side while prototyping, as it allows you to build permanent projects, rather than relying on semi-permanent breadboards.

If you are looking for a reliable tool to help you replace components, build circuits and repair small-scale electronics, this 48W soldering station is a great investment.


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Solder Station ZD99 48W

Solder Station ZD99 48W