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MiniDSO TS100 Soldering Iron Pack



The MiniDSO TS100 Soldering Iron is the ultimate Maker’s tool, with a wide input voltage and rapid heating times for on-the-fly prototyping.

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We live in such a fantastic world in modern times, in which we can decide to start a project with absolutely no knowledge required, and simply find all of the details and insights we need online to help us figure out the many often-complex challenges that each different project typically imposes. However, although we don’t necessarily need the knowledge to enjoy a wide range of different projects, we do still need tools like Soldering Irons, to help us connect all of the required Modules, components and other little parts together with strong electrical connections.

This is what has made us so excited over the MiniDSO TS100 Soldering Iron Pack, which is a very fancy reprogrammable soldering iron that utilises between 12V and 24V DC to heat up at incredible speeds, while offering a surprising level of functionality for what would typically be just a simple tool. And whilst a standard soldering iron is usually sufficient for most basic Electronics projects, sometimes you need more functionality that helps you prevent any thermal damage or even ESD faults when dealing with very sensitive Components.

Compared to standard soldering irons, the MiniDSO TS100 offers an integrated STM32 control circuit with dual temperature sensors for precision temperature control with only 2% tolerance. Additionally, it also features onboard control functions via two simple buttons, an integrated OLED LCD display for quick temperature readings, a solder tip grounding cable to prevent electrical faults, as well as a micro USB port for programming custom temperature curves, defining idle and sleep timers, and even updating the firmware.

These incredible features, coupled with the wide input voltage range and rapid heating times of between 40 seconds and 10 seconds depending on the power supply used (read Power Consumption Ratings below), there are few other soldering iron’s we’d prefer to have at our side when venturing into the big wide world of Electronics Making.

Please Note: This pack does not include a power supply, due to the wide input range. However, you can simply use old power supplies from laptops or similar devices rated between 12V and 24V.


MiniDSO TS100 Soldering Iron Pack  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Brand

– Miniware                                                                      

  • Model

– TS100

  • Included Solder Tip

– TS-I Series: Precision Tip

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V to 24V DC

  • Current Consumption

– ≤4A

  • Power Consumption Ratings

– 17W @ 12V Supply : 40s Heat-up Time

– 30W @ 16V Supply : 20s Heat-up Time

– 40W @ 19V Supply : 15s Heat-up Time

– 65W @ 24V Supply : 10s Heat-up Time

  • Heating Temperature Range

– 100° to 400°C

  • Temperature Stability

– ±2%

  • Soldering Tip Ground Resistance

– <2Ω

  • Power Input Port

– DC5525 : 2.5mm Centre Positive 12V-24V Input

  • Interfacing/Updating Port

– Micro USB

  • Integrated Display


  • Onboard Controls

– Simple 2-Button Interface

  • Chassis Materials

– Stainless Steel 304 | Polycarbonate

  • Internal Controller

– STM32 Integrated Circuit

  • Included Power Supply

– N/A

  • Weight (Soldering Iron)

– 33g

  • Weight (Package)

– 82g

  • Dimensions (Control Chassis)

– 96mm Long | 16.5mm Diameter

  • Dimensions (Soldering Tip)

– 105mm Long | 5.5mm Diameter

  • Dimensions (Package)

– 145 x 130 x 43mm


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