Electromagnet 5kg 12V Expand

Electromagnet 5kg 12V



These 12V Electromagnets have a holding torque of 5kg, and are waterproof to endure underwater and highly humid environments as well.

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If you’ve been eager to experiment with electromagnetism or are eager to integrate an electromagnet into one of your projects, these 5kg 12V Electromagnets are a fun and affordable way to do so. With a holding force of around 5kg or 11lbs, these are ideal for basic applications with relatively light metal objects.

This is especially useful in basic automation and robotics, and can remove the need for mechanical moving parts. For a small robot, these electromagnets could easily replace fingered hands, cutting down on potential problems as well as maintenance, since the electromagnets are essentially solid-state parts that don’t need to grip or grab objects, and can instead use magnetic force to pick up and hold metal objects by simply powering up the electromagnets as necessary.

Please Note: Because these electromagnets utilise coils, similar to solenoids and motors, you will need to get a module that can drive the power, such as an HG7881 Motor Driver or similar type of module. Additionally, it's a good idea to ensure that your module has kickback protection, or possibly build a snubber or flyback diode circuit to complement it if it doesn't, as ekectromagnets can create feedback when energising and de-energising in a similar way to other inductive loads can.


5kg 12V Electromagnet  -  Technical Specifications:

  • Model

– ZYE1-P25/20                                   

  • Thread Size

– M4

  • Operating Voltage

– 12V DC

  • Power Consumption

– 4W

  • Holding Force

– 5kg / 11lbs

  • Total Diameter

– ±25mm

  • Centre Diameter

– ±10mm

  • Cable Length

– ±23mm

  • Height

– 20mm

  • Weight

– 50g


Typical Applications for these 5kg 12V Electromagnets:

These 5kg 12V Electromagnets are fun little devices that can be used for all kinds of applications, from electromagnetic locks through to automation and robotics. They are also designed to be completely waterproof, allowing for application underwater or in highly humid environments. Some of the common uses for these types of electromagnets include:

  • Building devices that can pick up metal objects like screws, nuts and bolts, which is especially useful for mechanics working on engines within tight spaces.
  • Equipping a robot with a magnetic “Hand” that can pick up metal objects without requiring fingers or other moving parts.
  • Integrating magnetic locks into doors, cupboards or cabinets, to add an extra layer of security for your valuables.

These magnets can also be used simply for fun experimentation as well, and we have enjoyed playing with these electromagnets in a variety of different ways within our offices.


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Electromagnet 5kg 12V

Electromagnet 5kg 12V