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Fotek Original Solid State Module SSR AC 40A (4-32V DC Input)



These Fotek Original Solid State Relays uses 4-32V DC input to switch 24-380V AC circuits – Non-contact switching device with reliable anti-interference.

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The Fotek Original 4-32VDC/24-380VAC Solid State is a non-contact high speed switching device that has a range of features focused on reliability and user safety, and is designed to use a lightweight DC voltage to safely switch high-voltage and high current circuits without exposing the user to potential leaks. The solid-state design, compared to Electro-Mechanical Relays, ensures that there is no actual movement within the enclosure, which dramatically enhances the efficiency and lifespan of these Relays, while at the same time ensuring silent operations.

This SSR-40DA Terminal Type unit uses a Zero Cross Trigger control method to control between 24V and 380V AC circuits, which would typically cause serious damage to users if a leak or fault occurs. This not only protects users from electrical harm, but also allows for devices and machinery to be operated remotely. Whether you want to add an extra layer of protection on a CNC machine, or are simply eager to be able to turn your coffee machine on via WiFi from the comfort of your couch, these Solid State Modules are a reliable and cost-efficient choice.

Fotek Original Solid State Module SSR-40 DA - Technical Specifications:

  • Unit Model

– SSR-40DA Terminal Type                                           

  • Input Voltage

– 4V to 32V DC

  • Control Voltage

– 24V to 380V AC

  • Rated Load Current

– 40A

  • Trigger Current

– 12mA max.

  • Control Method

– Zero Cross Trigger

  • Response Time

– 8.3ms (60Hz)

  • Minimum ON/OFF Voltage

– ON > 2.4V / OFF < 1.0V

  • Dielectric Strength

– Over 2KVAC / 1min

  • Isolation Strength

– Over 100MΩ / 500VDC

  • Operating Temperature

– -40° to +80°C

  • Housing Material

– Intensive ABS

SSR-40DA Relay Diagram

Typical Applications for SSR AC 40A Fotek Original Solid State Modules:

Some of the areas in which these Fotek Original Solid State Modules shine are in CNC machinery, industrial automation equipment, traffic lights and similar signals, as well as for remote-controlled devices and machines. It is also safe to be used for applications in which combustible gas or fuels are used as well, since the solid state design means there are no sparks that could ignite any combustible materials nearby. These features make it ideal for almost any electrical and electro-mechanical application, with anti-interference capabilities that help to enhance the security and reliability of remote operations as well.

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Fotek Original Solid State Module SSR AC 40A (4-32V DC Input)

Fotek Original Solid State Module SSR AC 40A (4-32V DC Input)